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Many of the first comics were simply sketches drawn by Randall on the paper he had at hand, (sometimes during a class or a lecture). They then scanned in later, (sometimes much later), and posted on LiveJournal.

Several of these sketched were drawn on checkered paper and they are the one listed here below:
If the only color in the comic comes from the blue grid on the checkered paper, then the comic is not considered to be colored!

  • No comics drawn on such paper have been released after the first day on xkcd when the web site opened on Sunday the 1st of January 2006.
    • Of those comics 44: Love from October 19th, 2005 is the one with the highest number released on xkcd.
      • But it was an early comic which just got the highest number when all the comics transfer from LiveJournal to xkcd got a new and different number.
    • The last comic on such paper release on LiveJournal was 39: Bowl released on December 5th, 2005.
    • The last comic on such paper was, however, by release-date, 12: Poisson which have the release date December 22nd, 2005.
      • It was never released on LiveJournal. It was first released to the public on the opening day of xkcd.
      • It came out along with 5: Blown apart, the latter also drawn on this paper and not released previously on LiveJournal.
    • The exception to the above is 36: Scientists.
      • It was, because of a mistake, first released at some unknown date later in 2006, but with this low number.
      • It was never before released on LiveJournal.
      • That would make this the last to come out on xkcd on this type of paper.
  • In 2012, Randall revived the blue grid as a background image for what if?.
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