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Comics related to Valentine's Day (celebrated on February 14) and giving Valentines. The only positive comic (up until the year 2017) was the 543: Sierpinski Valentine and all the other except 62: Valentine - Karnaugh, is directly negative about this day. Seems Randall doesn't approve of it much.

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[edit] Explanation

All the comics came out on Valentine's Day or on the closest day before that except the first year (2006) with two Valentine comics in a row on both the 10th, 62: Valentine - Karnaugh, and the 13th of February 63: Valentine - Heart.

The first to come out on Valentine's Day was 223: Valentine's Day in 2007.

Then there where no comic in 2008. However, he did release a very depressing comic in 2008 on the 13th: 383: Helping. And similarly he released a very gross comic in 2011 on the 14th: 860: Never Do This. This could very likely be on purpose giving his possible negative feelings for this day.

Also because he did Valentines comics both the two years in between (543: Sierpinski Valentine in 2009 on the 13th and 701: Science Valentine in 2010 on the 12th), and the year after in 2012 1016: Valentine Dilemma on the 13th.

Since 2012 he has not released a Valentines comic, and there seem to be no relation at all with the comics that are coming out closest to this day, or the ones on either side of this day.

[edit] Years without Valentines comic

  • Here is a list of the years where no Valentines comic came out with links to the comic coming out on Valentine's day (when it happens) or links to the two comics coming out before and after Valentine's day, when that day is not a release day:
    • (The comics on either side of those that are released on the 14th has also been checked!)
  1. 2008 February 13th and 15th: 383: Helping and 384: The Drake Equation.
  2. 2011 February 14th: 860: Never Do This.
  3. 2013 February 13th and 15th: 1173: Steroids and 1174: App.
  4. 2014 February 14th: 1330: Kola Borehole.
  5. 2015 February 13th and 16th: 1486: Vacuum and 1487: Tornado.
  6. 2016 February 11th and 15th: 1642: Gravitational Waves and 1643: Degrees.
  7. 2017 February 13th and 15th: 1798: Box Plot and 1799: Bad Map Projection: Time Zones.

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