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Sometimes I hate the internet. Sometimes it makes me happy that 'The Tubes' has become slang for the internet so quickly.
Title text: Sometimes I hate the internet. Sometimes it makes me happy that 'The Tubes' has become slang for the internet so quickly.

[edit] Explanation

The comic parodies the habit of word coining on the internet, as well as the enthusiasm for modern sounding terms in the IT world in general. Common examples include the shortening of "weblog" to "blog," while the entirety of blogs is referred to as the "blogosphere." The internet itself is sometimes called "The Tubes," a term derived from Senator Ted Stevens's infamous statement "Series of Tubes." The suffixes "-net" and "-web" are often used to denote a certain interconnection of information on the internet, as well as to make products and brands sound fit for the 21st century.

The matrix shown in the comic spoofs the internet jargon by combining common prefixes and suffixes to new and impressive but meaningless words. The culmination of nonsense is, as indicated in the transcript, the term "blagoblag." This is also a sideswipe at comic 148, where "blag" was introduced as a substitute for the usage of "blog." The official weblog of the xkcd webcomic was formerly called "blag." The prefix "blago-," meanwhile, was used again in comic 239: Blagofaire.

[edit] Transcript

Terms I have used or heard used to make fun of the internet:
[Below: A matrix whose entries may contain crosses to indicate that a term has been used. The rows (prefixes) are labelled WORLD WIDE, INTER-, BLOGO-, BLAGO-, and WEB-; the columns are labelled NET, WEB, SPHERE, TUBES, and BLAG. In the interests of properly propagating the term "blagoblag," the full list of used terms follows:]
World Wide Web
[Cueball and Megan stand facing each other; Cueball raises his hands in the air while Megan is nonplussed.]
Cueball: I heard about it on the interblag!

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