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The correct title of this page is 238: Pet Peeve #114. It appears incorrectly here because of technical restrictions.
Pet Peeve #114
I'm reading a goddamn book, thank you very much.
Title text: I'm reading a goddamn book, thank you very much.

[edit] Explanation

A pet peeve is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to them, to a greater degree than others may find it. Cueball counts his pet peeves; this is number 114.

Cueball's friend calls him and finds out that he is reading a book on a Saturday night. Saturday night, or the weekend in general, is supposed to be a time for enjoying or partying with friends after five weekdays of work. But Cueball is annoyed by the fact that people are stuck with the stereotype of partying out on weekends. In his view, reading a good book is also a great way of enjoying the weekend. His annoyance is expressed in the title text.

[edit] Transcript

[Cueball reading a book in a chair.]
Pet Peeve #114:
Voice on the phone: Really? What are you doing reading? It's Saturday night!

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Pet peeve# 115: "what are you doing watching TV?!?!? it's Saturday night!Dontknow (talk) 22:48, 7 March 2017 (UTC)

Pet peeve no. 116: "What are you doing playing video games?!?!? It's Saturday Night!" "But it's free video game weekend!" 625571b7-aa66-4f98-ac5c-92464cfb4ed8 (talk) 22:54, 7 March 2017 (UTC)
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