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New Bug
There's also a unicode-handling bug in the URL request library, and we're storing the passwords unsalted ... so if we salt them with emoji, we can close three issues at once!
Title text: There's also a unicode-handling bug in the URL request library, and we're storing the passwords unsalted ... so if we salt them with emoji, we can close three issues at once!


Ambox notice.png This explanation may be incomplete or incorrect: What is a resolvable URL? what is salting of passwords? Explain why the three issues can be closed with emoji salting

Cueball asks if an offscreen character can look at his bug report, promising that it's a "normal one" and not a "horrifying" one which "proves that the whole project is broken beyond repair and should be burnt to the ground". This implies that there have been reports of the "horrifying" variety in the past.

The fact that the server crashes when a user's password is a resolvable URL implies that the server is in some way attempting to resolve passwords as if they were URLs. This is of course just silly, and suggests something is horrifically wrong with the way the server is handling sensitive passwords. Realizing this, the offscreen character resigns themselves to burning the project to the ground as referenced in the second panel.

The title text explains that by salting the passwords with emoji, they can close three bug reports at once.

When the passwords are salted with emoji, the URL request library will fail to resolve any (salted) passwords due to its lack of unicode support. Since the server only crashes on resolvable URls, this should mean the server won't crash anymore. In addition, the passwords will now be salted.


Ambox notice.png This transcript is incomplete. Please help editing it! Thanks.

(Cueball sits in front of his computer.)

Cueball: Can you take a look at the bug I just opened?

Off-panel: Uh oh.

Off-panel: Is this a normal bug, or one of those horrifying ones that prove your whole project is broken beyond repair and should be burned to the ground?

Cueball: It's a normal one this time, I promise.

Off-panel: OK, what's the bug?

Cueball: The server crashes if a user's password is a resolvable URL.

Off-panel: I'll get the lighter fluid.

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