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== New here? ==
== New here? ==

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The Sky
The other half has some cool shipwrecks, rocks, and snakes, but if you move those out of the way, it also has more sky.
Title text: The other half has some cool shipwrecks, rocks, and snakes, but if you move those out of the way, it also has more sky.


Cueball says that he likes the sky. The comic then shows a huge image of the sky with an interesting cloud formation and stars beyond it, and Megan calls the sky one of her favorite halves. The title text implies that the two "halves" in question are the Earth and the Sky. Logically, stating one of my favorites it must imply that there must be at least one other favorite, and since we are talking about halves there are exactly two -- which means that both the sky and the earth are favorites. This is an absurd statement as it means everything is a favorite, while the concept of favorite means that you value something more than something else, which is not the case here.

"One of my favorite halves" is a tautology because it implies that the other half is also a favorite and there are no other segments that would not be favorite. There are several xkcd comics about tautology, e.g. 703: Honor Societies, 870: Advertising and 1310: Goldbach Conjectures. A similar sentence comes in the title text of 1524: Dimensions where the sentence, I would say time is definitely one of my top three favorite dimensions, also makes very little sense...

Randall has also made fun of silly uses of "one of the" in 1368: One Of The.

The title text refers to the fact that the Earth is round, so if you "moved it out of the way" you would find more sky on the other side -- except that the sky only exists due to the air following the gravity and curvature of the earth. Beyond the sky there is just space, and if you would moved the earth you would also move the sky and you would only see space.

The title text also indicates that although the other half also is a favorite, it is mainly the shipwrecks and the snakes that are interesting. The rest is just rocks, and if you move them you see the sky on the other side of Earth. Taking into account how many different things that are on "the other half", one might use a long time to wonder why Randall choose to mention only two. (But that may be a waste of time...)

Taken at face value, the title text is also a subversion: given that the image depics half open sky and half clouds, the other half could be taken to mean the clouds. Once stated that it contains shipwrecks and snakes, it is clear it is not the clouds she's referring to.


[Cueball and Megan are standing looking upward with in a small frame a light blue background.]
Cueball: I like the sky.
Megan: Yeah.
[Zooms out to show a blue evening sky, the sun must be setting to the left and a streak of yellow and orange clouds goes from top left to buttom right. The sky/clouds get darker further to the right and several stars are visible behind the clouds on the indigo blue sky in the top right corner. There are also some gray clouds low over the horizon. Cueball and Megan standing to the far left Below them and the sky from the horizon and down there is a thick a black slab taking up about a sixth of the frame height.]
Megan: It's one of my favorite halves.

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