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Jurassic World
Hey guys! What's eating you? Ha ha ha it's me! Oh, what fun we have.
Title text: Hey guys! What's eating you? Ha ha ha it's me! Oh, what fun we have.


Ambox notice.png This explanation may be incomplete or incorrect: Title text explanation missing.

This strip refers to Jurassic World, the new Jurassic Park movie. White Hat explains that the movie's plot involves genetically engineering a better Tyrannosaurus Rex. Megan doesn't feel that the historic Tyrannosaurus can be improved upon, but White Hat insists they've created an even more terrifying, smarter T.rex for this new movie.

White Hat refers to T.rex as "two decades old", indicating that he has switched topics from the movie's plot line to the animation techniques that created the T.rex on-screen in 1993 versus today. Clearly, in the computer animation world, we should be able to create something more convincing with modern technology.

In the final panel, White Hat introduces the 'new T.rex', who is immediately recognizable as the green T.rex from Ryan North's Dinosaur Comics; specifically, from the last panel of said webcomic (which in turn is from clip art). Anyone who has read so much as a handful of Dinosaur Comics will know that its T.rex character is about as far from smart and scary as it is possible for a T.rex to be.

Characters from Dinosaur Comics have also appeared in 145: Parody Week: Dinosaur Comics and 1350: Lorenz (see under Dinosaur).


[White Hat and Megan are walking together.]
White Hat: In Jurassic World, we've used genetic engineering to create a better dinosaur.
Megan: Tyrannosaurus is the most charismatic animal that ever lived, and you think you'll upstage it?
[White Hat and Megan walk on.]
White Hat: Tyrannosaurus was cool, but it's two decades old!
Megan: I think it's a little older than that.
[White Hat points up.]
White Hat: We took Tyrannosaurus and we improved it. Made it scarier, deadlier, smarter.
Look – there it is!
[White Hat and Megan stare up at a facsimile of the green T.rex from Dinosaur Comics.]


  • In the fourth panel Randall appears to have forgotten to draw White Hat's hat. It is most likely still White Hat and not Cueball, as Megan is still there.

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