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50 ccs
There's been a raccoon accident at an accordion bacchanalia! Double doses!
Title text: There's been a raccoon accident at an accordion bacchanalia! Double doses!


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Randall is making a joke about the use of "cc" in some fields, such as medicine, to refer to "cubic centimeter". In the SI system, "cubic centimeter" should be written cm³. 1 cm³ is equal to 1 mL (milliliter). Instead of using "cc" as a measure of volume, the doctor in the comic asks for 50 "cc" letter combinations, because she needs to write the words "hiccup vaccine" (which both include the "cc" part) 25 times.

In the title text there is a similar situation, but four words that need the "cc" letter combination, so a double "dosage" is needed.


[A woman in a doctor's coat, presumably a doctor stands between Cueball and Megan, reading from a clipboard.]

Doctor: Nurse, bring me 50 CCs!
Doctor: I need to write "hiccup vaccine" 25 times!

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