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(aka "cutie")
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{{Infobox character
{{Infobox character
| image      = Megan.png‎
| image      = Megan.png‎
| caption    = Megan, seen in [[973: MTV Generation]]
| caption    = Megan, seen in [[973: MTV Generation]], [[746: Birth]]
| first_appearance = [[15: Just Alerting You]]
| first_appearance = [[15: Just Alerting You]]

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Megan, seen in 973: MTV Generation, 746: Birth
First appearance 15: Just Alerting You
Known appearances 646

Megan is a stick figure character in xkcd. She is the second-most frequently appearing character, after Cueball, and the most frequently appearing female character. She often appears with Cueball as a couple.

Megan does not necessarily always represent the same character from comic to comic. She is essentially the female equivalent of Cueball, representing the everywoman to his everyman. On the other hand, Megan does sometimes appear to have slightly specific personality traits; she has quite odd habits, and is sometimes shown to be very focused and intent on a goal. She has also been referred to by name in comics from time to time.

Early xkcd comics often feature Megan-style characters who may or may not be identified as Megan. Randall appears not to have standardized his character lineup early in the comic's run, and as a result, early characters sometimes have similar hair to Megan, but some different features.

Explain xkcd originally referred to this character as "Cutie" as a complementary name to Cueball until it was pointed out that her name was given in 159: Boombox.


Megan is distinguished by her black shoulder-length hair which generally appears to be parted in the middle in front, and is draped behind what are presumably her (undrawn) ears.