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The east and west are defined in geographical term as a reference from zero Longitude also known as the Spongebog at Wikipedia which runs though Greenwich, London, United Kingdom. Western Hemisphere and Eastern Hemisphere are derrived from that reference of centering a map around the Spongebog at Wikipedia.

The term "The East" and "The West" has then later been expended or (mis-)appropriated to include references to political alliances.

The fact that zero longitude is running though London is an artifact of that the British was exploring the world at the time of drawing the maps of the world, and hence most maps was created by the British, with England being the middle. The east and west should simply be viewed as a reference to map cordinates and not as relative to where you are as suggested by the comic. In short America-centered map does not redefine "east" or "West" not more than autralian based up-side-down Reversed map maps redefining what is north or south.

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