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explain xkcd was originally a blog, maintained by Jeff, who posted explanations of xkcd comics, occasionally helped by his friend Berg.

The blog developed a significant following, and much interaction happened in the comments, especially for complex comics, where commenters pieced together all parts of Randall's epic comics which would have taken way too much time for Jeff to do alone.

Eventually, several people in the comments starting calling for the blog to be converted to a wiki, allowing its followers to chime in with corrections and even full explanations when Jeff would have less time. Jeff trialled a new project where people could submit explanations for old comics (prior to the start of the blog), which he would post with due credit.

After a while, Jeff decided to make the switch and the result is this wiki, which has been gradually collecting explanations for all 2010 comics and everything xkcd related.

The explain xkcd logo was created by User:Alek2407.