1608: Hoverboard/The whole image

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  • Here is a collection of several different versions of the whole image from the dynamic comic 1608: Hoverboard.

Standard version

  • Four versions of the whole image. The first is the standard. The second and third is with green/gray filling for empty squares instead of white. The fourth is with lines indicating the individual tiles (images):

1608 full.png

1608 full green.png

1608 full grey.png

1608 full with tiles.png

Secret passages

  • Here is the whole image with everything that you can pass through changed to red. In this way several hidden/secret passages are revealed. Most noticeable under the volcano and in the destroyer. For more details see secret passages. The second image is a collision map, where all the surfaces that the player can (in principle) touch has also been drawn in red.

1608 full with secret passages.png
1608 full collision map.png


  • Here is the whole image with the location of the coins shown. The coins are too large, but except where there are several coins in one place (like that starting points and at each end left and right) there is no doubt where the coins are located. For more details see here for coins location.

1608 full with coins.png