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****[http://xkcd.com/1663/art/2x-octopus.png Octopus]
****[http://xkcd.com/1663/art/2x-octopus.png Octopus]
****[http://xkcd.com/1663/art/2x-octopus-hat-capable.png Octopus hat capable]
****[http://xkcd.com/1663/art/2x-octopus-hat-capable.png Octopus hat capable]
***There are also two identical left herons but one of them must behave differently somehow? (Upon further investigation, it looks like this is true of all the L/R animals, including armadillo, wading bird, and shark fin.)
***There are also two identical left herons but one of them must behave differently somehow? (Upon further investigation, it looks like this is true of all the L/R objects, including armadillo, wading bird, boat and shark fin.)
****[http://xkcd.com/1663/art/2x-heron-l.png Heron L]
****[http://xkcd.com/1663/art/2x-heron-l.png Heron L]
****[http://xkcd.com/1663/art/2x-heron-m.png Heron M]
****[http://xkcd.com/1663/art/2x-heron-m.png Heron M]

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Images of items

  • Below are all the images found under http://xkcd.com/1663/art/ of items that can appear in the comic
  • And below those are list of these links with the names.
    • Both list are sorted alphabetically (and numerically).
    • The links also appear in front of each image (but without the name to number the images and save space.
    • Note: smaller versions of all these pictures can be found on xkcd by deleting the "2x-" from the filename like this:


  • Here are all the images (with the link to their location on xkcd in front of each image).
    • There are 249 images here, but two of these are not unique. See details below.

[1]Garden Armadillo L.png, [2]Garden Armadillo R.png, [3]Garden Balloon.png, [4]Garden Balloon Huge.png, [5]Garden Balloon Segment.png, [6]Balloon segment short.png, [7]Garden Bee 1.png, [8]Garden Bee 2.png, [9]Garden Bee 3.png, [10]Garden Bee 4.png, [11]Garden Bee 5.png, [12]Garden Bee 6.png, [13]Garden Beehive-base.png, [14]Garden Beehive entrance a.png, [15]Beehive section.png, [16]Garden Beret shrub.png, [17]Garden Bird 1.png, [18]Garden Bird 2.png, [19]Garden Bird 3.png, [20]Garden Bird 4.png, [21]Garden Bird 5.png, [22]Garden Bird riser.png, [23]Garden Bird riser root.png, [24]Garden Bird standing.png, [25]Garden Birdbath.png, [26]Garden Boat 1 L.png, [27]Garden Boat 1 R.png, [28]Garden Branch 1.png, [29]Garden Branch 2.png, [30]Garden Branch 3.png, [31]Garden Branch 4.png, [32]Garden Branch 5.png, [33]Garden Branch 6.png, [34]Garden Branch 7.png, [35]Garden Branch 8.png, [36]Garden Branch 9.png, [37]Garden Branch 10.png, [38]Garden Branch 11.png, [39]Garden Branch 12.png, [40]Garden Branch 13.png, [41]Garden Branch 14.png, [42]Garden Branch 15.png, [43]Garden Branch 16.png, [44]Garden Branch 17.png, [45]Garden Branch 18.png, [46]Garden Branch 19.png, [47]Garden Branch 20.png, [48]Garden Branch 21.png, [49]Garden Branch 22.png, [50]Garden Branch 23.png, [51]Garden Branch 24.png, [52]Garden Cactus 1.png, [53]Garden Cactus 2.png, [54]Garden Cairn Base 1.png, [55]Garden Cairn Base 2.png, [56]Garden Cairn Base 3.png, [57]Garden Cairn Base 4.png, [58]Garden Cairn Base 5.png, [59]Garden Cairn Mid 1.png, [60]Garden Cairn Mid 2.png, [61]Garden Cairn Mid 3.png, [62]Garden Cairn Mid 4.png, [63]Garden Cairn Mid 5.png, [64]Garden Cairn Top 1.png, [65]Garden Cairn Top 2.png, [66]Garden Cairn Top 3.png, [67]Garden Cairn Top 4.png, [68]Garden Cairn Top 5.png, [69]Garden Cat Balanced.png, [70]Garden Cat Ground.png, [71]Garden Deer 1.png, [72]Garden Deer 2.png, [73]Garden Desk 1.png, [74]Garden Desk lamp.png, [75]Garden Duck 1.png, [76]Garden Fig 1.png, [77]Garden Fish 1.png, [78]Garden Fish 2.png, [79]Garden Flower base.png, [80]Garden Flower bloom 1.png, [81]Garden Flower bloom 2.png, [82]Garden Flower bloom 3.png, [83]Garden Flower bloom 4.png, [84]Garden Flower bloom 5.png, [85]Garden Flower bloom 6.png, [86]Garden Flower bloom 7.png, [87]Garden Flower hilt 1.png, [88]Garden Flower hilt 2.png, [89]Garden Flower segment 1.png, [90]Garden Flower segment 2.png, [91]Garden Flower segment 3.png, [92]Garden Flower segment 4.png, [93]Flower segment 5.png, [94]Flower segment 6.png, [95]Flower segment 7.png, [96]Flower segment 8.png, [97]Flower segment 9.png, [98]Flower segment 10.png, [99]Flower segment 11.png, [100]Flower segment 12.png, [101]Garden Flying fig.png, [102]Flying fish 1.png, [103]Flying fish 2.png, [104]Garden Giant Planter.png, [105]Garden Grass 1.png, [106]Garden Grass 2.png, [107]Garden Grass 3.png, [108]Garden Grass 4.png, [109]Garden Grass 5.png, [110]Garden Grass 6.png, [111]Garden Grass 7.png, [112]Garden Grass 8.png, [113]Garden Grass 9.png, [114]Garden Handfig 1.png, [115]Garden Handfig 2.png, [116]Garden Hat 1a.png, [117]Garden Heron L.png, [118]Garden Heron R.png, [119]Garden Important bun.png, [120]Garden Lamp crossbar left.png, [121]Garden Lamp crossbar right.png, [122]Garden Lamppost 1.png, [123]Garden lamp-topper.png, [124]Garden Leaves 1.png, [125]Garden Leaves 2.png, [126]Garden Leaves 3.png, [127]Garden Leaves 4.png, [128]Garden Leaves 5.png, [129]Garden Leaves 6.png, [130]Garden Leaves 7.png, [131]Garden Leaves 8.png, [132]Garden Leaves 9.png, [133]Garden Leaves 10.png, [134]Garden Leaves 11.png, [135]Garden Leaves 12.png, [136]Garden Leaves 13.png, [137]Garden Leaves 14.png, [138]Garden Leaves 15.png, [139]Garden Leaves 16.png, [140]Garden Leaves 17.png, [141]Garden Leaves 18.png, [142]Garden Leaves 19.png, [143]Garden Leaves 20.png, [144]Garden Leaves 21.png, [145]Garden Leaves 22.png, [146]Garden Leaves 23.png, [147]Garden Leaves 24.png, [148]Garden Leaves 25.png, [149]Garden Leaves 26.png, [150]Garden Leaves 27.png, [151]Garden Leaves 28.png, [152]Garden Leaves 29.png, [153]Garden Leaves 30.png, [154]Garden Left platform.png, [155]Garden Linsang 1.png, [156]Garden Linsang 2.png, [157]Garden Linsang 3.png, [158]Garden Linsang 4.png, [159]Garden Linsang 5.png, [160]Garden Linsang 6.png, [161]Garden Linsang 7.png, [162]Garden Linsang 8.png, [163]Garden Linsang 9.png, [164]Garden Linsang 10.png, [165]Garden Linsang 11.png, [166]Garden Linsang 12.png, [167]Garden Man 1a.png, [168]Garden Man 2a.png, [169]Garden Null.png, [170]Garden Null continue air.png, [171]Garden Obelisk.png, [172]Garden Octopus.png, [173]Garden Octopus hat capable.png, [174]Garden Owl.png, [175]Garden Platform 1.png, [176]Garden PlatformColumn 1.png, [177]Garden PlatformColumn 2.png, [178]Garden PlatformColumn 3.png, [179]Garden Pot 1.png, [180]Garden Pot 2.png, [181]Garden Pot 3.png, [182]Garden Reeds 1.png, [183]Garden Reeds 2.png, [184]Garden Reeds 3.png, [185]Garden Reeds 4.png, [186]Garden Reeds 5.png, [187]Garden Reeds 6.png, [188]Garden Reeds 8.png, [189]Garden Reeds 9.png, [190]Garden Reeds 10.png, [191]Garden Reeds 11.png, [192]Garden Reeds 12.png, [193]Garden Reeds 13.png, [194]Garden Right platform.png, [195]Garden Rover.png, [196]Garden Sale sign.png, [197]Garden Saucer.png, [198]Garden Shark fin L.png, [199]Garden Shark fin R.png, [200]Garden Shrub 1.png, [201]Garden Shrub 2.png, [202]Garden Shrub 3.png, [203]Garden Shrub 4.png, [204]Garden Shrub 5.png, [205]Garden Shrub 6.png, [206]Garden Shrub 7.png, [207]Garden Shrub 8.png, [208]Garden Shrub 9.png, [209]Garden Shrub 10.png, [210]Garden Shrub 11.png, [211]Garden Snake 1.png, [212]Garden Snake 2.png, [213]Garden Star Plant.png, [214]Garden Stilt walker.png, [215]Garden Stone Platform 1 Wide.png, [216]Garden Sword fig.png, [217]Garden Table 1.png, [218]Garden Tall platform.png, [219]Garden Tall trunk 1.png, [220]Garden Tall trunk 2.png, [221]Garden Tall trunk 3.png, [222]Garden Tall trunk 4.png, [223]Garden Tentacle 1.png, [224]Garden Tentacle 2.png, [225]Garden Tentacle 3.png, [226]Garden Tentacle 4.png, [227]Garden Tentacle 5.png, [228]Garden Tentacle 6.png, [229]Garden Trunk 1.png, [230]Garden Trunk 2.png, [231]Garden Trunk 3.png, [232]Garden Trunk 4.png, [233]Garden Trunk 5.png, [234]Garden Trunk 6.png, [235]Garden Trunk 7.png, [236]Garden Trunk 8.png, [237]Garden Tulip 1.png, [238]Garden Tulip 2.png, [239]Garden Turtle 1.png, [240]Garden Turtle 2.png, [241]Garden Wading bird L.png, [242]Garden Wading bird R.png, [243]Garden Water bird 1.png, [244]Garden Water bird 2.png, [245]Garden Wavy plant 1.png, [246]Garden Wavy plant 2.png, [247]Garden Wavy plant 3.png, [248]Garden Wavy plant 4.png, [249]Garden Woman 1a.png

Links to images


  • Here are the current list of know links to possible images which may appear in the garden.
    • There are 249 images links here below as of 2016-04-12.
      • Please update this number when adding more image, and see the image section below as well.
      • Some of these images are white "invisible" lifter images that can make birds etc seem to fly, or just a few dots!
    • It seems like there are only 247 unique links at the moment, as mentioned below:
      • Two of the leaf images are identical:
      • Same goes for the two octopuses but one of them must behave differently in the game as it is the one that can have a hat.
      • There are also two identical left herons but one of them must behave differently somehow? (Upon further investigation, it looks like this is true of all the L/R objects, including armadillo, wading bird, boat and shark fin.)
      • There was at one point also an link that do not exist (anymore) even though the ones with numbers below and above do exist?

How to find new links

List with links

Background image

  • This is the background image from the start of the comic upon which everything else grows:
  • Background:

Garden Background.png

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Sorry to post this here, but I'm unable to "add a comment" at the bottom of the page because Talk:1663:_Garden/Images does not exist, and:

"You do not have permission to create discussion pages, for the following reason:
You do not have permission to create pages."

Can someone that has permission create it? (talk) 22:36, 12 April 2016 (UTC)

Yes I have now created the talk page Kynde (talk) 22:46, 12 April 2016 (UTC)


Can we get some information together on which objects can or cannot have something else appear on top of them, or can have only certain other things on them? For example, the balloon segments can have more balloon segments or a balloon, but can they have anything else attached? What prompted me to ask about this was seeing Garden_Cat_Balanced.png sitting on top of Garden_Man_1a.png's head. Dansiman (talk) 21:54, 12 April 2016 (UTC)

My hope is to get a table like the one of the themes in 1350: Lorenz. This page here I made based on the one here 1350: Lorenz/Images. It will be a job to make these tables though, especially if there keeps appearing new images.. I was thinking to make it in this page at the bottom at first and the moving it into the main explanation when it works. Also when the page is again up and running on full power, so the tables can be collapsed again. This do not work now (but did for instance with the Lorenz comic before. It has now been affected more than a week after the inrush to see the "gardens". The table should be divided i item type as well with images. I was thinking Animals, plants, characters, smaller items and larger items. The animals could be divided into bird, fish, mammals, reptiles. If some items that belong together would belong in different sections based on this, these can go in more than one section, as is also the case with the images in Lorenz... Kynde (talk) 14:30, 13 April 2016 (UTC)
I have now made the table, now just need to fill out the description and links to imagesKynde (talk) 12:27, 16 April 2016 (UTC)
Before the table is moved onto the Explanation page, I think all of the images should be scaled down from 2x to actual size - or maybe any larger than some threshold - because this is a lot of vertical scrolling. Dansiman (talk) 21:08, 18 April 2016 (UTC)
I've noticed a lot of turtles, ducks, and "standing birds" perching on the heads of sword Megan and stilt girl. Cueball also attracts owls. .42 (talk) 15:00, 14 April 2016 (UTC)
I think all of the characters can have animals on their head or hands if outstretched. Also the deer can have other animals on them. But maybee this first occurred later?Kynde (talk) 12:27, 16 April 2016 (UTC)
I just found Beret Guy in a shrub. The interesting thing is that even though he isn't a "wind-swayer", because the shrub is, he wound up swaying along with the shrub! :) Dansiman (talk) 16:19, 5 May 2016 (UTC)