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  • Here are images from the dynamic comic 2198: Throw of individual throws and setting, including pictures of earlier versions, and different positions of the comics windows etc. These will be used in the main explanation by linking either to a section on this page with certain types of images or by linking directly to pictures that can be uploaded on this page. To help facilitate a detailed explanation.

Entire xkcd page with promotion

  • At the same time that the promotion comic was released the xkcd Header text changed to promote the release of the How To book. So for three days (from Tuesday to Thursday) the front page of xkcd looked like this with both header promotion and promotion comic on the front page:

2198 Throw - Front page promotion.PNG

  • This was, however, not the original text under the happy release day. That also changed during the first day.


  • At the time the comic came out the You option was not on the two lists. So the original image used on this page was also without "you". This was how it looked most of the first day it was out:

2198 Throw - Original without you.PNG

Old lists

  • At this time with only 7 throwers and 15 objects there where different list of throwers/objects, with no You. The NFL quarterback was no. 1 but to keep George (the preselected thrower) at the top NLF quarterback was pushed to number 3 when You came in. The objects where all pushed one down when You came in no. one there. But the Microwave oven, default throw object for George was still on top when showing two objects side by side.
    • By zooming in was at some time possible to get only one column of throwers/objects. This may also have been changed, as it doesn't seem possible now.
    • Also there was the lone squirrel at the bottom of both list, where it now shares position with Chris and Car.
  • Here are some examples of how it looked originally for all the throwers, but only the top objects:

2198 Throw - Old Thrower row 1.PNG
2198 Throw - Old Thrower row 2.PNG
2198 Throw - Old Thrower row 3.PNG
2198 Throw - Old Thrower row 4.PNG
2198 Throw - Old Item row 1.PNG


  • In the beginning when the comic had just been released. There an error in the text above describing the throw. So it said How far could George Washington throw George Washington? instead of How far could George Washington throw a Microwave oven?.
    • This was the case no matter what object was chosen together with George, except for the silver coins, and then when it was himself.
    • Here are three examples with George from that time.

2198 Throw - Original error George George.PNG
2198 Throw - Original error George Silver.PNG
2198 Throw - Original error George Himself.PNG

  • This was the same for all throwers, but only those which could throw themselves had the extra option, and for all the two coins worked. Here are similar examples with Pikachu, and three others below that with other persons. The squirrel could find another squirrel, so it doesn't and didn't have the third options that George and Pikachu has. One could argue that there are more than one Pikachu as well as more than one Squirrel (but only one ex president George Washington), but Pikachu gets a different treatment than the squirrel.

2198 Throw - Original error Pikachu Pikachu.PNG
2198 Throw - Original error Pikachu Silver.PNG
2198 Throw - Original error Pikachu Itself.PNG
2198 Throw - Original error Thor Thor.PNG
2198 Throw - Original error Chris Chris.PNG
2198 Throw - Original error Carly Carly.PNG

Light nanoseconds error

  • The length of a light nanoseconds has been set to a 10th of its real value of about a foot. Thus is will not normally be used for any of the standard throws. But it is possible to make some combinations where the distance thrown comes under 1.07 m where light nanoseconds will then be used. Here are some examples the first shows a distance of 1.00 m which may be the shortest possible distance a throw can be before it is not deemed possible?
    • The second image shows the customized setting for the "You"
    • As of November 2019, this error has still not been corrected.

2198 Throw - Light nanoseconds 1m.PNG
2198 Throw - Light nanoseconds 1m setings.PNG
2198 Throw - Light nanoseconds 103cm.PNG
2198 Throw - Light nanoseconds 103cm setings.PNG
2198 Throw - Light nanoseconds 106cm.PNG
2198 Throw - Light nanoseconds 106cm setings.PNG

  • For good measure here is an example showing that at 1.07 m it is now attoparsecs:

2198 Throw - Attoparsecs 107cm setings.PNG


Custom thrower

  • When the You option was added to the two lists, selecting the You thrower opened a new window, Custom thrower, over the comic where the name could be changed, and the height and weight could be adjusted and the Atleticism of You can be selected. This is a picture showing how that looks:

2198 Throw - Custom thrower.PNG

Throwers and Objects

  • Her are examples showing the 4 rows of throwers with the four first rows of objects, and then four more images showing random throwers with the last four rows of objects, as they can be displayed using the scroll bar. This is to show how it looks, as this cannot be shown in the comics page here.

2198 Throw - Thrower-item row 1.PNG
2198 Throw - Thrower-item row 2.PNG
2198 Throw - Thrower-item row 3.PNG
2198 Throw - Thrower-item row 4.PNG
2198 Throw - Item row 5.PNG
2198 Throw - Item row 6.PNG
2198 Throw - Item row 7.PNG
2198 Throw - Item row 8.PNG



  • Here is an example of George Washington throwing Pikachu.
    • The sequence begins with the object, Pikachu, in front of the thrower.
    • Then the throw occur with the thrower getting into a throwing position with two lines indicating the swing of the arm.
    • Then the object moves away while the thrower stays in this position with the arm and the lines.
    • In the next images the swing lines disappear as the thrower returns to the starting standing position.
      • How many images depend on the distance of the throw.
      • The object disappears as the length lines ticks increases.
      • The number of such images depend on the length of the throw.
    • In this case there are two, increasing the number of ticks from 8 to 8 to 10.
    • And finally as the throw has been completed the thrown object is at the far end to the right of the length line, and the thrower is visible if the throw has not been too long, as is the case here. Below the line the length in m and in another unit is now shown. In this case the number of ticks has increased to 10, with a final tick at Pikachu just after the 11th tick.
      • The number of ticks begins with the first under the thrower.

2198 Throw - Animation George with Pikachu.PNG
2198 Throw - Animation George throw Pikachu.PNG
2198 Throw - Animation George Pikachu flies.PNG
2198 Throw - Animation George length increase 1.PNG
2198 Throw - Animation George length increase 2.PNG
2198 Throw - Animation George has thrown Pikachu.PNG

Hammer throw

  • When the You is customized to super human size Thor's Hammer can be thrown. There are many combinations, but here is one with a human about twice as high as normal, and 10 times as heavy (4m 1000 kg):

2198 Throw - You throw hammer.PNG
2198 Throw - You throw hammer settings.PNG

  • When the You is customized to be giant, with as many digits in the "height" and "weight" options as possible, each thrown item goes to some maximum possible distance. Thor's hammer can be thrown the farthest, with a distance of 743079 meters; since the "range" that has been created for throwing is only around 471850 meters long, the longest hammer throw goes beyond the range, and instead of meter lengths showing where the hammer has fallen, there is nothing.

[insert screenshots?]

General throws

  • Here different throws by the standard throwers and items can be shown with screen shots.
    • They can then be used as examples in the explanation etc.
      • They are split up after the thrower.
      • "You" throw should have a separate section

George Washington

2198 Throw - George throws owen.PNG

NFL Quaterback

2198 Throw - NFL throws basketball.PNG


2198 Throw - Pikachu throws squirrel.PNG

Carly Rae Jepsen

2198 Throw - Carly throws cake.PNG

Thor God of Thunder

2198 Throw - Thor throws car.PNG

Chris Hemsworth

2198 Throw - Chris throws javelin.PNG


2198 Throw - Squirrel throws acorn.PNG

You throws

  • This section can be used to document different throws by a customized you. For instance for longest shortest possible throw.
    • In these throws it is important to include also the values.

Maximum distance

  • Using this height: 9,876,543,210,987,654,321,098 m (10^22 m), a 1 kg (lightest possible) "you" will throw Thor's Hammer the maximum distance of 743,079 meters (743.079 km) or 3694 furlongs.
    • There are many combinations of weight and height that will give this distance throw. (And Thor's Hammer will go further than any other object due to its mass).
    • It seems like the height is more important than the wight though.
      • Removing one of the digits will cause the distance to drop 1 m!
      • Removing two of the digits will cause the distance to drop 3 m!
      • Removing three of the digits will cause the distance to drop 14 m! (To 743,065).
      • Removing five of the digits will cause the distance to drop to 742,768
      • Removing nine of the digits will cause the distance to drop to 624,530
      • Removing ten of the digits will cause the distance to drop to 403,965, which is a lot for one digit compared to the first 9.
      • Removing down to only ten digits (9 down to 0) will cause the distance to drop to 42,298 m. A factor 10 for just 2 more digits gone.
      • Removing one more digits will cause the distance to drop to 9616 m!
      • Removing one more digits will cause the distance to drop to 2097 m!
      • Removing one more digits will cause the distance to drop to 453 m!
      • Removing one more digits will cause the distance to drop to 98 m!
      • Removing one more digits will cause the distance to drop to 21 m!
      • Removing one more digits taking the height to 9876 m will cause the distance to drop to 4.53 m!
      • And at 987 m high a 1 kg you cannot throw Thor's Hammer
    • Note that the athleticism does nothing at the max distance. Example with champion athlete chosen is also given below
  • Here are some examples

2198 Throw - You 1 kg throw hammer max distance.PNG
2198 Throw - You 1 kg throw hammer max distance setting.PNG
2198 Throw - You 1 kg throw hammer max distance setting champion.PNG
2198 Throw - You 1 kg cannot throw hammer.PNG

Maximum height and mass
  • As can be seen above there is a red marking of the height.
    • This is because the number is above 100.
    • Holding the cursor over the area surrounded by the red frame a different "title test" comes up.
      • This message is language depended and ask that you do to not put the height above 100 m.
      • The google translate version of the text that this editor sees (in Danish) will be:
        • Choose a value not greater than 100.
      • If another editor gets the message in English, please change this to the english version (may be the same though) and delete delete the google translate line as well as this line.
        • And if possible update these two images below with a similar image with the english version of the message.
    • A similar message will come if the mass is above 1000 kg, just asking that you do to not put the mass above 1000 kg.

2198 Throw - Max height message.PNG
2198 Throw - Mas mass message.PNG

  • As can be seen above the calculation will still change if the numbers are above 100 and 1000.
    • But maybe it is only deemed correct if the height and mass stays below 100 m and 1000 kg?