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| number    = 2284
| date      = March 23, 2020
| title    = Sabotage
| image    = sabotage.png
| titletext = So excited to see everyone after my luxury cruise home from the World Handshake Championships!
This comic is the tenth comic in a row in a [[:Category:COVID-19|series of comics]] about the {{w|2019–20 coronavirus outbreak|2020 pandemic}} of the {{w|coronavirus}} - {{w|SARS-CoV-2}}.
In the wake of the virus, the advice from many professionals in the United States is to avoid public gatherings to slow the spread of the virus and "flatten the curve".
In this comic, some group of people (we're not told who) are planning a public event, which is very much contrary to the widespread professional advice, and is said to put everyone at risk by accelerating the spread of the virus in the general population.  In an effort to sabotage this event by deterring people from attending, [[Cueball]] applies reverse psychology, pretending to be enthusiastically planning various activities at the gathering that most people would go out of their way to avoid:  a wild skunk petting zoo, which would most likely result in everyone getting heavily sprayed with violently foul-smelling skunk scent that wild skunks use to drive away predators; and {{w|karaoke}} featuring the song "{{w|Baby Shark}}", which is a song for small children that is generally considered annoying to adults, made even more direly annoying in this case by being spoken rather than sung.
In the title text, Cueball has stepped up his game from merely threatening to spoil everyone's fun to making them fear that they might get infected.  He claims to have attended the "World Handshake Championships", which presumably would involve shaking hands with as many people as possible; this would facilitate the spread of diseases such as COVID-19.  He furthermore claims to have traveled home from the championship via a cruise ship, which may also cause concern because cruise ships are known for their densely populated environments and lack of extensive medical facilities making prevention and treatment of infections very difficult or impossible. Cruise ships have been a recent topic of interest in relation to SARS CoV-2 due to many people being stranded at sea with infected patients because of COVID-19 outbreaks on board.
:[Cueball is seated at a desk, typing on a laptop. The top half of the image is the text he is typing in a reply message:]
:"I see you're still getting together today! I'll be there, doing my spoken-word ''Baby Shark'' karaoke all evening.
:We'll also be setting up a petting zoo for the kids. We've spent all week trapping wild skunks!"
:[Below the text is a white-on-green "reply" button.]
:[Caption below the panel:]
:In the coronavirus era, desperate times call for desperate measures.
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