784: Falling Asleep

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Falling Asleep
Sweet unintersecting dreams!
Title text: Sweet unintersecting dreams!


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The first few panels of this strip seem romantic and sentimental, as it's common to hear that people sleep better next to people they love. The last panel reveals that Cueball and Megan are actually going through some relationship trouble, because Cueball uses her presence as a good reason for leaving this world behind. He does, however, not intend to commit suicide to escape from her and the world; he just wishes to escape by falling asleep.

As the title text reveals, he also wishes to avoid her in his dreams, as he wishes their dreams do not intersect - i.e. he hopes he will not dream of her (and vice versa).


[Cueball gets into bed.]
It's so much easier
falling asleep
[Megan is lying in bed, gripping her pillow.]
With you beside me-
[Cueball is lying on his back in bed.]
All the incentive I need
[Full shot of the bed, Megan is on the left, gripping the pillow, Cueball is as far to the right as possible, nearly falling off, facing away from her.]
To leave the world behind.

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Don't you love it when they get along? Davidy²²[talk] 02:26, 24 April 2013 (UTC)