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Revision as of 04:25, 1 July 2015 by (talk) (Explanation: If Cueball HAD enjoyed stimulating others' penises (been a gay/bi man or a straight/bi woman) that wouldn't mean he'd be HAPPY to see he had unwittingly touched a sexual organ. It would be unpleasantly surprising for almost anyone.)
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'That was definitely not in my top three wishes.' 'Who said anything about YOUR wishes?'
Title text: 'That was definitely not in my top three wishes.' 'Who said anything about YOUR wishes?'


Cueball finds a lamp. It has a shape which suggests it is a magic lamp, which might contain a genie. Traditionally, genies grant three wishes to whoever frees them from their lamp by rubbing it. Cueball rubs the lamp, but instead of releasing a genie, the lamp ejaculates. Because Cueball did not realize he was stimulating something (and doesn't like stimulating others' penises anyway), he has a grossed out expression in the last panel and holds the lamp away from him. Also, by hanging down limply from his hand, the lamp resembles a flaccid penis shortly after an ejaculation.

In the title text, a discussion is shown between Cueball and the lamp. Cueball states that what happened was NOT one of the three wishes he would have asked for if a genie had been released, and the lamp retorts, "Who said anything about YOUR wishes?", implying that the lamp's wish has been granted by Cueball rubbing it so that it could ejaculate. Genies are mentioned in at least three other comics:


[Cueball stumbles on a lamp, lying on the ground.]
[Cueball picks it up.]
Rub rub
[The lamp sprays fluids.]
[Cueball holds the lamp at arm's length, a puddle of fluid on the ground.]

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In the final frame, the orientation of the lamp suggests it has become flaccid. -- ‎ (talk) (please sign your comments with ~~~~)

he has a grossed out expression


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