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  • Protip came first, but since then there have been all kind of protip that have not been named protip directly.
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  • So far there have been the following:
  1. Industry tip
  2. Home Organization Tip
  3. Science tip
  4. Insight tip
  5. Kitchen tips
  6. Household tips
  7. AI tip
  8. Tornado safety tips
  9. Security tips
  10. Geology tip
  11. Engineering tip
  12. Interaction tip
  13. Texting tip
  14. Statistics tip

The comic 1215: Insight doesn't mention the word tip, but it is clearly a tip.

See also the comic 2199: Cryptic Wifi Networks which has a Tech Trivia as the caption, which could as well have been named Tech Tip. But since it is not necessarily seen as as Tip, it will not be listed in this category.


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