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Hair Bun Girl, as seen in 1253: Exoplanet Names
First appearance 337: Post Office Showdown
Known appearances 56

Hair Bun Girl is a stick figure character in xkcd. She is distinguished by her hair that is set up in a bun.


Hair Bun Girl is a minor character in xkcd. She appeared two weeks in a row in the spring of 2015 and was recognized as a "new" character at that time, though she had been used several times prior to then.

She is not the same character from comic to comic. She is mainly just another woman that Randall can use when he wishes to give a woman a specific characteristic so to set her aside from the more commonly used women Megan and Ponytail. Often she is depicted together with both Megan and Ponytail proving this point. (4 appearances as of April 2015: 1052, 1253, 1504, and 1507).

  • In her very first appearance, 337: Post Office Showdown, she is drawn with glasses.
  • Her first appearance without glasses was in her second appearance: 378: Real Programmers. And with the four recent comics (past no. 1500) this is now her most prevalent appearance.
  • Since she is a grown woman - she cannot be the little girl in 1519: Venus.
  • A character with a hair bun was also featured in 911: Magic School Bus, but she is drawn in color and with a dress and represents the fictive character Ms. Frizzle. She is thus not included as a Hair Bun Girl.
  • She can, however, represent a real person, like when she was Emily Dickinson in 788: The Carriage. In that comic Emily is drawn exactly as the standard version of Hair bun Girl, and she is thus included. This is similar to Cueball who also represents real persons from time to time.
  • In 1520: Degree-Off her hair looks somewhat different, but since her main and only distinguishing characteristic is a hair bun, this comic is included herre.