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Ponytail, seen in 865: Nanobots
First appearance 84: National Language
Known appearances 335

Ponytail is a stick figure character in xkcd, and the second most used female character, although she is far less used than Megan. She is distinguished from other characters by her blonde hair which is set up in a ponytail.


Ponytail doesn't have a recurring name like Megan or Rob (for a few instances of Cueball). But a few times a Ponytail character has been given a name used only in a single comic. For instance she is called Joanna in 322: Pix Plz and Sarah in 84: National Language. However this last comic seems to be about the real-life friend of Randall.


Ponytail was originally mainly a filler character, showing up when two females were needed or when a large group of people are present. But she has become more and more used, also without for instance Megan present in the comic.

In many comics where she has a specific role, she tends to have more educated roles such as in 451: Impostor as an engineer. She seems to be less typically nerdy than Megan.

Often times, she is used as a police officer or security guard, usally with Cueball as her male counterpart.

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