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To current and future readers: Ruth Bader Ginsburg died today. The timing of this comic may even coincide with this fact. 03:54, 19 September 2020 (UTC)

Maybe, but Randall has posted tons of election articles before, especially expressing his love for Hillary (and thus dislike for Trump). 04:41, 19 September 2020 (UTC)
I read it as a "just vote, don't even care who you vote for, but vote" thing. Though everyone would prefer everyone else to vote for who they'd vote for, and might be not unhappy if those that would not vote their way ended up not bothering to vote at all, at least if there's not ambiguity behind the intent of the non-participants if there aren't any. (Though, ideally, there ought to be a system capable of a voter specifying "they're all bad choices" without throwing away their meaning by being simply absent, like rank-choice lining up the main candidates squarely behind the 'no hope' ones, or a Re-Open Nominations 'candidate' so you can vote for RON actively.)
And that it should not be hard to vote (that it might be, for those with a legitimate right, is another issue; and that it might not be when trying to do so in an illegitimate way is overblown by some) so don't make overblown excuses but deal with exactly as much of a hurdle as you're forced to jump over and no more. - But US politics and its electoral system is definitely a few votes short of a quorum, so the simplest thing to say is just "Vote, just vote" and then when the inevitable recriminations and objections happen it's a lot easier to work with very few intentional abstentions than trying to work out whether the low turn-out coincided with actual shenanigans of whatever bent.
Maybe Randall will show his own ideas later (though I can only imagine the one way that he'll lean, having ruled out ruling everyone out) but this is only actually anti-Trump insofar as Trump undeniably courts anti-voting (in his favour), more than pretty much any of the ideological-opposites do (in theirs). Don't read much more into this. 10:36, 19 September 2020 (UTC)