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The explanation says "As long as there is no earthquake, then the subject will be telling the truth, and the polygraph signal will be more stable. But if there is really an earthquake happening, then the subject is lying, and so the polygraph will show sharper signals. This mimics the effect of an actual seismograph."

That is not correct. Lie Detectors only detect whether a person believes or disbelieves something. They do not detect whether that belief is true or false. If the person believed an earthquake was happening then even if no earthquake was occurring if the person said "no" then theoretically the detector would respond with greater movement. However, there are ways to "fool" a lie detector. -- 03:33, 18 December 2019 (UTC)

Incorrect as well; "Lie detectors" measure galvanic skin response, that's it. Everything else is just made up by "lie detector" machine salespersons.