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Hi! This is my user page!

I 'discovered' Explain XKCD after 1758: Astrophysics but I actually started reading XKCD at 1719: Superzoom.

Also, due to some internet problems, I won't be editing this wiki as much. EDIT: As of May 2017, I am back! Yay!

My information and favorite things:

  • My age: Everything sucks!
  • My location: The United States of America. West coast.
  • My sex: Male.
  • My height: 5'1" or 155 cm. I am short, okay?
  • My pets: A 1.21917808-year-old cat.
  • My money: [[CLASSIFIED]]
  • My boredom: Very high.
  • Favorites:
  • Video game: Minecraft by a landslide. I spend hours on it each day. Redstone is my thing!
  • Programming language: Javascript. Occasionally Python, but only when I'm doing stuff on my Raspberry Pi.
  • Food: ICE CREAM
  • Instrument: I play both trumpet and piano. I honestly haven't played piano much lately, so only trumpet nowadays.
  • School subject: Math
  • Person: Who do you think? Highlight there: Meeee!

I can't believe that this page has been accessed 1,210 times! Thanks so much!