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Me in my early 30s
First appearance Before the end of time
Known appearances All (or was it none?)
Contribution score 348
Changes made 467

Hello! My name is Danish, and here are a few other things about me:

  • I'm a sociopath.
  • I'm currently dating half of a whole rest.
  • Just to make things a little more confusing, my name doesn't represent the pastry, but rather a citizen of Denmark.
  • I enjoy nerd sniping. On a totally unrelated topic, did you know there's a secret message hidden somewhere on this page?
  • I'm friends with Elaine.
  • I close the parentheses left by Black Hat. They annoy me as much as anyone else-maybe more.)))

Some of my favorite comics:

  • 806: Tech Support (After this one came out I hacked in and changed the word. Can't have everyone knowing it from a webcomic!)
  • 303: Compiling (I stole Richard Stallman's katanas for this purpose. The ones he has now are just copies.)
  • 1064: Front Door (I can confirm that Randall has not released a wolf-I have.)
  • Every comic with me in it (obviously)

My least favorite comic is 1015: Kerning. It's funny, but also really annoying.

Some of my accomplishments:

  • [Classified]
  • [Classified]
  • [Classified]
  • [Classified] (Sorry for all the classifieds, I don't want to start a legal battle with the government right now. Maybe I will later if I'm bored.)
  • Successfully avoided getting stapled by that weirdo with the beret. Seriously, what is it with that guy and staples? Dammit! Never mind.

Lastly, things that I have contributed to explainxkcd:

  • Making [actual citation needed], for those times when you really do need a citation (not a joke one)
  • Lots of misc grammar fixes
  • Transcripts
  • Some other stuff that I forgot because it's not really that important (but you can see it if you look at my Contributions page)

See ya! (Actually see you, I stole my boyfriend's camera hack. Don't tell him.)