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Hello! Call me Neal.

I come here pretty frequently to read, as the explanations this wiki provides enhance the comics. I also help out pretty frequently.

As my contributions show, a good chunk of my edits remove "incomplete" templates. This is because I feel that editors here are too hesitant to mark an explanation as complete. It greatly irritates me. Here's some reasons I've seen for leaving it on a complete explanation:

"First draft.": This is the idea that no comic can be fully explained on the first try. If it's a simple, straightforward comic, there may be little to explain. Don't add the tag just because the explanation is new- add it only if there are concrete flaws in the explanation that you can't fix immediately.

"I'm new and my explanation needs review": It does, but it gets that review constantly. Any wiki page is reviewed just by being read. If there's a flaw in your explanation, it will be fixed; if it can't be fixed immediately after being noticed, then an incomplete template is warranted. If you think you don't have the knowledge to finish the job, go ahead and use the template; all edits are appreciated. But if you seriously think you have explained it pretty well, don't mark it as incomplete just because it's only your first/second/third explanation.

"Maybe this could be improved some more? Otherwise this tag can be removed.": This is just a way to say, "I think this tag should be removed, but I'm afraid to do it myself." Don't do this. There is nothing you can do on this site that can't be undone with a few mouse clicks. Be bold and make what changes you think need to be made.