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After more than a year of the explain xkcd wiki's existence, there are 40 incomplete comic explanations on this wiki. We want to have a complete repository of explanations for every comic, and the latest comics have all had quite high-quality pages created for them due to the attention that new comics usually attract. Old incomplete pages tend to be fixed at a much lower rate though, as they don't attract nearly as much immediate attention. This project aims to solve that; every day, a new page will be featured as our incomplete article of the day up in our site header until we clear out our entire backlog of unfinished articles. For the full list of our incomplete articles, visit Category:Incomplete explanations.

Today's incomplete explanation of the day is 1338: Land Mammals.

Remember; every little bit counts. Even if all you can do is add a sentence or fix a typo, that's still another step taken towards finishing the article.

[edit] Goals

  1. Finish every incomplete explanation.
  2. Fully document the large comics.
  3. Do a final proofread pass through every article. Copy list of all comics here and make it into a checklist.

[edit] Things we can do after this is finished

  1. Translation.
  2. Removing the incomplete pages counter on the main page.
  3. Binge-read our explanations and not run into any stubs.
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