116: City

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God, she's such a whore.
Title text: God, she's such a whore.

[edit] Explanation

The poem or description alternates between using words that start with C and words that start with S, to achieve an effect resembling alliteration. The gentle, romantic tone of the poem is broken by the last two words, Your Mom. This is an example of a maternal insult joke, and is phrased accordingly. The title text further emphasizes this, implying the mother in question is also promiscuous in addition to having slept with the unnamed author of the poem.

[edit] Transcript

[A picture of various apartment buildings.]
Shadowed city slumber silently. A second-story suite.
Come craving courtship, selected serendipitously
Crazed copulations, a salacious storm of continuous coitus.
Spread, straddled, conquered.
Countless crashed suitors strewn carelessly.
Centre, silken sheets sensuously caressing soft skin,
Contentedly sleeps your mom.
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