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The younger folk in the audience think this is a joke.
Title text: The younger folk in the audience think this is a joke.

[edit] Explanation

On April 20, 1979, U.S. President Jimmy Carter was allegedly "attacked by a giant swimming rabbit", while solo-fishing on a boat in his hometown. The reality is a little more nuanced: According to Carter, the rabbit had actually been chased into the water by some hounds and swam near his boat. Carter splashed some water on it to compel the rabbit not to come any closer.

Nevertheless, the newspapers ate it up, with respected paper The Washington Post putting the story "President Attacked by Rabbit" on the front page. Since the White House refused to release the photograph, the paper created a cartoon parody of the rabbit, calling it PAWS, in reference to the blockbuster film JAWS, about a killer shark. Carter's opponents used it as fodder for their arguments that Carter's presidency was weak and ineffectual, and basically, the whole thing was blown way out of proportion by the American media, as so often happens with goofy events such as this.

This comic treats the Killer Rabbit attack as a dark day for the United States, and uses the phrase "America Must Never Forget", which usually applies to days like the Pearl Harbor attack or 9/11. It essentially shows that, for the entire history of the United States (which starts with the signing of the Declaration of Independence), it is the only event worth remembering.

The title text is an assumption that the event has not been remembered in the way the comic jokes that it should have been, and as a result, younger readers will think he is kidding when he says Carter was attacked by a rabbit.

[edit] Transcript

1776; Declaration of independence
1979; Jimmy carter attacked by giant swimming rabbit
2007; Present day
America must never forget.
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I must admit, as a "younger" reader I thought that this was a joke. 18:33, 22 May 2014 (UTC)
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