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'How about a little ... *family growth*?' 'Dude, that's not until round two.'
Title text: 'How about a little ... *family growth*?' 'Dude, that's not until round two.'

[edit] Explanation

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This comic is a take on the common plots of pornographic movies. There are several "stereotypical" setups for porn videoes - the suggestive pizza deliveryman ("hot sausage" being a suggestive pun), the French maid who finds out her master is home early and the wife is still away, and the plumber who, while performing routine repairs on a woman's house, becomes enamored with her. In all cases it is usually a simple plot in order to set up a scenario for the pornography. In this comic, all three of these common stereotypical plots seem to have occurred at once. Realizing that none of their intended targets for sex (ostensibly members of the Jones family) are at home, and thus they are all in the house alone with nothing to do, one of them grabs a game of Agricola (board game) off of the shelf, and they sit down to play, their confusion about this mixing of scenarios forgotten. Then the Joneses come home and are baffled by the assemblage of random professionals playing Agricola on their floor.

Agricola's objective is to build a stable family farm, contrasting with the apparently dysfunctional family in the comic.

The title text references "family growth", which could be interpreted as a cheesy euphemism for sex (in the porn-movie-plot context) or as a game mechanic for gaining another worker (in the Agricola-game context). The "not until round two" response could be used for either interpretation.

[edit] Transcript

[A pizza delivery guy enters through a door and a maid is dusting.]
Pizza guy: Pizza delivery! Did someone order a hot sausag—
Maid: Mon dieu! Monsieur is home early—
Both: Wait, who are you?
Pizza guy: Wait, this is the Joneses', right? Their daughter was supposed to be having a party!
Maid: No, I thought Mr. Jones was coming home early.
[The pizza guy is off-panel left as a plumber enters from the right.]
Pizza guy: But I thought—
Plumber: Howdy, Mrs. Jones. I hear you need some plumbi— Who are you?
[The pizza guy looks in a cabinet; the others are off-panel right.]
Maid: Sorry, big mixup.
Pizza guy: Hey, check it out—the Joneses have Agricola!
Plumber: I love that game!
[Mr. Jones and Mrs. Jones arrive home. The pizza guy, the maid, and the plumber are sitting on the floor playing Agricola.]
Mr. Jones: What in the name of...
Pizza guy: Dammit, I wanted that grain.
Maid: Hush, you have starting player.
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What does "Hush, you have starting player" mean? Djbrasier (talk) 00:07, 6 October 2014 (UTC)
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