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Food Rule
I won't eat invertebrates, because I can fight a skeleton, but I have no idea what kind of spooky warrior a squid leaves behind.
Title text: I won't eat invertebrates, because I can fight a skeleton, but I have no idea what kind of spooky warrior a squid leaves behind.


This comic is a list of different types of food and Randall has a food rule that uses this list to indicate which types of food he eats and which types he does not wish to eat.

The first four items on the list are meat from four different animals of the type vertebrates and the last three items are from plants. These are all OK to eat. But the middle three items are three different animals of the type invertebrates. Randall does not eat these!

In the caption below the frame shows the pattern and gives the punchline. Vegetarians often describe their lifestyle with the slogan "I don't eat anything with a face". Randall is mocking this: if he has to first google the name of the food to determine if it has a face or not then he will not eat it. He has no problems with eating things with or without a face, as long as he knows if it has a face in advance. He knows a cow has a face and that an apple does not, and eats both. But he might not, for instance, know what a Lamprey is and if so, he would not eat it even after he used Google to determined if this strange creature has a face or not (which can be disputed).

The title text explains why Randall do not wish to eat any invertebrates, adding another criterion. These animals do not have any skeleton. Randall is joking about how the animals he eats might come back to haunt him, and in the case of a cow or fish (or any other vertebrates - with skeletons), he imagines that they would come back as a living dead skeleton. Any undead creature that returns as a skeleton he believes he will be able to fight. But since he has no idea how an undead squid or oyster (or any other invertebrate) would look, he feels unprepared to fight such a spooky creature and thus declines from eating them. This may be the worst excuse ever for not wishing to eat a certain type of food. But it may be better than to just say that he thinks they are disgusting...

Randall has previously mentioned his dislike of certain foods (namely lobster) in 1268: Alternate Universe.


[There is a caption above a list of food with indication whether it is OK or not to eat. Below is another caption.]
My food rule:
Red meat
Shrimp X
Oysters X
Squid X
I won't eat something
if I have to Google
to figure out whether
or not it has a face.

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