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Seven Years
Title text: [hair in face] "SEVVVENNN YEEEARRRSSS"


Ambox notice.png This explanation may be incomplete or incorrect: May require explaining the activities shown, as in the explanation for 1141: Two Years.

Randall's then-fiance was diagnosed with cancer in late 2010, a matter he has discussed in the comic multiple times before. Here, motivated by the seven-year period between the American solar eclipses of 2017 and 2024, we see them reminiscing the seven years prior to the first eclipse, leaving an open question to what the next seven years will bring.

The title text is most likely a continuation to panel 15 concerning hair regrowth, in which she references the horror movie The Ring. "The little girl from The Ring" refers to Sadako Yamamura, the antagonist of the Ring series by Koji Suzuki, and popularized in a 2002 movie.

This comic is a continuation of 1141: Two Years, which is shown as the first eight panels, slightly grayed out.


Ambox notice.png This transcript is incomplete. Please help editing it! Thanks.
[The first eight panels, used earlier in the comic 1141: Two Years, are in gray color.]
[Randall and Randall's fiancée sit on a bed, Randall's fiancée is talking on the phone. The person she is talking to, a doctor holding a clipboard, is shown inset.]
Randall's fiancée: Oh god.
[Randall and Randall's fiancée sit together while Randall's fiancée, now bald, is receiving chemotherapy. They are both on their laptops.]
IV pump: ... Beeep ... Beeep ... Beeep ...
[Randall and Randall's fiancée (who is wearing a knit cap) are paddling a kayak against a scenic mountain backdrop.]
[Randall and Randall's fiancée sit at a table, staring at a cell phone. There is a clock on the wall. Her head is stubbly.]
Randall's fiancée: How long can it take to read a scan!?
[Randall and Randall's fiancée are back at the hospital again, Randall's fiancée receiving chemo. They are playing Scrabble.]
Randall: "Zarg" isn't a word.
Randall's fiancée: But caaaancer.
Randall: ...Ok, fine.
[Randall and Randall's fiancée (wearing a knit cap) are listening to a Cueball-like friend. A large thought bubble is above their heads and it obscures the friends talk. The text below, split in three is the only part there can be no doubt about:]
Friend: So next year you should come visit us up in the mounta
Randall and Randall's fiancée (thinking): "Next year"
[Randall and Randall's fiancée are getting married, with a heart above their heads. Randall's wife's hair is growing back.]
[Randall and Randall's wife (wearing a knit cap) stand on a beach, watching a whale jump out of water. This is the last gray panel, with an additional label in normal black color.]
Label: Two years
[Randall and Randall's wife (with her hair noticably longer) are walking through a forest.]
[Randall's wife is sitting down, not in the forest anymore.]
Randall's wife: My toe hurts and I found a report of a case in which toe pain was an early sign of cancer spreading.
Randall: Wait—didn’t you stub your toe yesterday?
Randall's wife: Yes, but what if this is unrelated?
[Randall and his wife are going spelunking. The guide is gesturing deeper into the cave while Randall and his wife are climbing down.]
[Randall's wife stands on a rock above an alligator in a swamp, photographing the alligator. Randall is on a balcony behind safety railings.]
Randall: When they estimated your survival odds, I think they made some optimistic assumptions about your hobbies.
[Randall's wife sits on an examination bed, listening to a doctor holding a clipboard.]
Doctor: This is probably nothing.
Doctor: But given your history, we should do a full scan.
Doctor: We'll call with the results in a few days. Try not to worry about it until then!
[Randall and his wife stand above a deep pond full of fish and other objects. Randall's wife is piloting a wired underwater camera with lights.]
[Randall and his wife are standing next to each other. Randall's wife has shoulder-length hair covering most of her face.]
Randall's wife: Hard to believe—six years ago, I was bald. But today, after a long struggle, I finally look like the little girl from The Ring.
Randall: That's, uhh... good?
Randall's wife: Hissssss
[A line of six people, including Randall and his wife, stand and watch the solar eclipse.]
[The sky has been brightened.]
Figure with blonde hair: Wow.
Randall's wife: Yeah.
[Randall and his wife are walking together and holding hands.]
Randall's wife: That was incredible.
Randall's wife: When's the next one?
Randall: In seven years.
Randall: Wanna go see it?
[Still walking, Randall and his wife think together about a timeline. Seven years have passed since 2010, represented with a solid line from the past to 2017; seven years in the future will be 2024, represented with a dotted line into the future and surrounded by three question marks.]
[The pair keeps walking.]
Randall's wife: Yeah.
Randall's wife: I'll do my best.
Randall: It's a date!

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