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Maybe we're all gonna die, but we're gonna die in *really cool ways*.
Title text: Maybe we're all gonna die, but we're gonna die in *really cool ways*.


In this comic, Cueball is entertained by his iPad (which came out a few days prior) because messing around with it is so fun and feels futuristic. Megan tries to bring perspective to him by telling him that his fun is really not so fun because so many exciting and much more impressive things are to come. Cueball still objects, because that makes him feel that he's too easily impressed by trivial things, and says that Megan is spoiling his fun by trying to make his source of entertainment seem less cool.

The title text is showing how Cueball is, instead of being horrified by all the new ways to die technology could present, like a scientist, enthralled by the many newer ways that death could occur.


[Cueball is sitting in an armchair, playing with an iPad. Megan is looking over his shoulder.]
Cueball: Navigating Google Maps on the iPad is fun. It feels so futuristic.
Cueball: Swoosh! Zoom!
Megan: There are, right now, monkeys controlling robotic arms via neural implants.
Megan: A huge and alien future is barreling toward us. And I can't WAIT.
Megan: But no, your iPad is cool, too.
Cueball: Stop spoiling my future with your slightly more distant one.

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Maybe add something about the tilte text? I would do it myself but I don't undestanrd it so I can't108.162.240.43 17:15, 11 December 2014 (UTC)

I tried to fix something for the title, because there was nothing.