2765: Escape Speed/The whole image

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  • Here is a collection of several different versions of the whole image from the interactive comic 2765: Escape Speed and full images of each planet or body in the image.

Full image

  • Four versions of the whole image.

2765 full.png

Crystal Sphere

  • Full Crystal Sphere

2765 Full Crystal Sphere.png

Starting Planet and Origin

Origin and starting planet.png

Hollow Planet

2765 Hollow planet.png

Star Destroyer

2765 Star Destroyer.png

2765 Torpedoes.png

2765 Corellian Corvette.png

Click and Drag Planet

2765 Click and Drag planet.png

Subway Planet

2765 Subway Planet.png

Boston Planet

2765 Boston Planet.png

Projection of Earth

2765 Projection of Earth.png

What If? Planet

2765 What If? planet.png


2765 Uzumaki.png

Round Planet

2765 Round planet.png

Jurassic Park Planet

2765 Jurassic Park planet.png


2765 Andal.png

Comet 67P

2765 Comet 67P-Churyumov-Gerasimenko.png

Guitar Ship

2765 Guitar Ship.png


2765 Saturn.png

Roche Lobe Earth

2765 Roche Lobe Earth.png

Giant Spider

2765 Giant Spider.png

Dark Matter Planet

2765 Dark Matter Planet.png

Shuttle Skeleton

2765 Shuttle Skeleton.png

Diffraction Spikes Star

2765 Diffraction Spikes Star.png


2765 SafetySat.png

Spacetime Soccer Field

2765 Spacetime Soccer game.png

Voyager 1 and Voyager 2

2765 Voyager 1 & 2.png

2765 Voyager 1.png

2765 Voyager 2.png

Crack in the Crystal Sphere

2765 Crack in the Crystal Sphere.png