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These are the comics about Cueball's Code Quality.

In the fourth comic in the series the title changes, but it is obviously still about Cueball's bad code. See discussion in the explanation of 1926: Bad Code.

From the title and the fact that it is Ponytail trashing the code in both comics, it is clear that it is also Cueball in the second comic even though he is never shown in the panels, but only speaks from off panel. In the fourth comic the tile change to just plainly calling it Bad Code, but it is the same settings and characters and theme; thus it clearly belongs in the series. Shortly after this fourth installment a comic where Ponytail tells Cueball about some technical problems with programming was made: 1938: Meltdown and Spectre. Although it is not part of this series it may be the same two versions of Cueball and Ponytail, as she displays a much better understanding of these computer hazards.

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