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Here's a list of wikipedia links I compiled that will be useful for anyone wanting to update this page. ‎ (talk) (please sign your comments with ~~~~)

And I've got a solar eclipse to see (explainable, but weird!) but I started to compile things. Haven't got any links sorted yet, and percentages are (badly) done by eye. If someone does it better, ignore it.

Who Carly Simon is singing about in You're So Vain A song allegedly about a specific person, but it remains a closed secret exactly who. 95% No explanation (There are many theories.) 100% Not weird (It's 'just' a song.) UVB-76 ? 60% No explanation 25% Not weird Lindberg Baby A notorious kidnapping case (or some would say purported kidnapping) that has remained unsolved. 50% No explanation (It could be as advertised, or it might be merely a trivial coverup to a family tragedy). 75% Not that weird (Rich people who were obvious targets for kidnappers, or easily able to engineer a fake one.) Toynbee Tiles ?? 30% No explanation 60% Not weird Jimmy Hoffa A notorious missing person case 15% No explanation (Easily understood links to Mob activities.) 100% Not weird (People often vanished, or were made to vanish, in such circumstances.) MH370 A passenger plane that went missing with very few good signs of why or where. 100% No explanation (No physical evidence.) 100% Weird (The best guess for its last verified location is well off its intended flight-path.) Lead Masks Case ?? 80% No explanation 100% Weird DB Cooper A plane hijacker who was never found, dead or alive. 70% No explanation (He and (most of) his money disappeared, never to be seen again.) 50% Weird (The circumstances of his crime and fate.) The WOW Signal A single, unrepeated, signal that has yet to be adequately pinned down. 70% No explanation (It doesn't match anything obvious.) 10% Weird (...Which leads to the posibility that it's not something so obvious.) The Mary Celeste A sailing vessel discovered 'abandonded' in the middle of the ocean. 10% No explanation (There's worse things that happen at sea.) 30% Weird (But the tale as often told suggests that it wasn't any of the more common circumstances.) Voynich Manuscript ?? 30% Cear 30% Not weird JFK The assasination of John F. Kennedy is a standard in the conspiracy theory stable. 60% clear (He was shot, and there's an obvious susupect. As there is with who shot the obvious suspect.) 20% Not weird (Some people think there was more to it, but Randall obviously thinks that it's simple, if not straightforward.) Why I keep putting ice cream back in the fridge instead of the freezer Ice-cream should be kept frozen, not just cool. 100% clear (Randall obviously knows why he does it. Maybe it's convenience, laziness or some kind of mental block against the obvious reasoning.) 120% Not weird (And apparently he knows he will do it. Despite everything.) Oak Island Money Pit ?? 100% Clear 30% Not weird Zodiac Letters ??Serial killer thing?? 20% Clear 20% Weird Amelia Earhart A female pilot who went missing on a long-distance flight 40% Clear (It was in earlier days of aeornautics when tragedy could easily strike.) 10% Weird (But there's no obvious wreckage, so we don't know what did happen.) Lost Colony ??Early Americas colonisation effort?? 50% Clear (There were many dangers that easily beset such exploration/colonisation efforts.) 50% Weird (The signs that were left behind were ambiguous at best.) Kentucky Meat Shower ??Rain of meat?? 75% Clear 80% Weird (This kind of thing just is weird.) Bigfoot Cryptozoological creature. An ape-man occasionally 'seen' in various North American forested areas. 95% Clear (Probably ultimately a hoax, with a little bit of misidentification and misinterpretation mixed in.) 20% Weird (Still not exactly normal.) Loch Ness Monster Cryptozoological creature. A marine creature allegedly inhabiting a Scottish freshwater body. 100% Clear (Almost certainly a hoax/misidentification.) 30% Weird (Extra credit for being a supposed dinosaur remnant?) Dyatlov Pass Incident ?? 100% Clear 100% Weird 09:33, 20 March 2015 (UTC) 09:49, 20 March 2015 (UTC) XKCD has explained the Voynich Manuscript before: