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I'm a stay-at-home mom who spent my years before kids working on large databases, research projects, and organizing events/people for a large non-profit. On paper, I might not seem very technical, having studied communications & history in college, but I'm the wife of an electrical engineer and the daughter of a CIS professor, so I've had to pick up a lot of tech-speech just to survive daily conversations throughout my life. I remember in the mid '90s when my dad first told us about sending messages to colleagues at other universities over "the internet" and have been hooked ever since.

I started reading xkcd when the comic numbers were far lower than they are today. I usually get the main point of the a new comic but there's often a small detail that soars over my head. So, I've found this wiki helpful. I've edited one page so far (or maybe more by the time anybody ever reads this) as a way of giving back.

P.S. I like to proofread. In my own casual writing (like this) I let my grammar abilities slip, but I really hate extraneous apostrophes and typos. So, if I edit something you write, it was likely to change grammar, remove typos, or improve clarity.