141: Parody Week: Achewood

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Parody Week: Achewood
I always wanted to impress them with how well I could hear, didn't you? Also, this sets the record for number of awkward-pause panels in one strip (previously held by Achewood)
Title text: I always wanted to impress them with how well I could hear, didn't you? Also, this sets the record for number of awkward-pause panels in one strip (previously held by Achewood)

[edit] Explanation

Achewood is a webcomic by Chris Onstad. It portrays the lives of a group of anthropomorphic stuffed toys, robots, and pets. The comic's humor often lacks a traditional punchline, and utilizes numerous awkward pause panels.

This comic includes three of the prominent characters from the strip: Phillippe, Ray and Roast Beef. In the first panel, Phillippe is dreaming of having his ears checked. There's an eye chart on the wall behind him. The doctor informs him that because of his superhearing power he is needed at Hogwarts.

Afterwards, the comic is a conversation between Roast Beef and Ray about Ray being invited to participate in what seem to be a talent show, with no further reference to Philippe.

The comic is written in the style of Onstad and his humor. The last 11 panels are "awkward-pause panels", which are used frequently in Achewood, in what appears to be a joke about overuse of dialogue-free panels. This joke is continued in the title-text, where Randall claims that this strip set the record for panels of this kind, previously held by Achewood.

Sweet Sweetback's Badasssss Song is a 1971 Blaxploitationfilm that is generally regarded as an exemplar of its genre.

This comic is a part of the Parody Week, just joking about other webcomics.

[edit] Transcript

Doctor (out of frame): Philippe, your hearing is perfect! In fact, you heard ALL the beeps! You have super-hearing! You're needed at Hogwarts!
Philippe: Oh boy!
Meanwhile ...
Ray: Beef, check this out. I got an invite to that The Dude Is Pretty Awesome In Most Measurable Ways I Mean Wow competition.
Beef: Alright that is pretty sweet dogg what is your strategy gonna consist of
Ray: I'm thinkin' I need to point out my best features--maybe go holdin' a sign with an arrow toward my junk.
[A panel with Ray holding a sign with "Yes." in bold text and an arrow pointing down and across.]
Beef: Yeah well I always said subtlety was your middle name dogg
Beef: And also your first and last in case they didn't get the point
Ray: How do you think I should play it?
Beef: Well basically you got no chance as I see it these dudes are all lovers and fighters to the last
Beef: All sprung fully formed from the head of Sweet Sweetback
Beef: You are gonna stand out as the sort of dude who stays at home all night playing fleshlight tag
Ray: These words you got are crazy. Didn't I win the outdoor fight?
Beef: Uh huh about the fight I wasn't gonna tell you but how could you miss that I was setting you up
Ray: What?
Beef: You got played dogg
Beef: I basically just didn't have the heart to go through with it in the end.
Beef: Anyway the point is that you are gonna lose this thing so hard
Beef: All cheap McD's hamburger to their slabs of steak
Beef: A couple 12-oz sirloins garnished with nothing but pure manhood
Beef: Maybe some sprigs of parsley
Beef: You are pretty much going down
[Closeup of a shocked Ray.]
[Silence. Beef looks perturbed and his ear is twitching. Ray's mouth is open.]
[Silence. Beef looks sorry.]
[Silence. Beef looks sorry and Ray looks annoyed.]
[Silence. Beef is looking down and Ray's mouth is open.]
[Silence. Beef is looking down and Ray's mouth is open.]
[Silence. Beef looks surprised.]

[edit] Trivia

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I see the Athena reference. She came out all ready in full battle armor and stuff from her dad, Zeus's skull (which was broken into two or something). NSDCars5 (talk) 16:18, 14 May 2014 (UTC) NSDCars5

Is the poor spelling/grammar a characteristic of Archewood? --Milesper (talk) 18:56, 1 June 2015 (UTC)

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