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Search History
SomethingAwful has a wonderful compilation of crazy AOL searches in their Weekend Web archives, 2006-08-13.
Title text: SomethingAwful has a wonderful compilation of crazy AOL searches in their Weekend Web archives, 2006-08-13.

[edit] Explanation

The comic references the AOL search data leak, where users had potentially identifying and embarrassing search histories published. Randall thus publishes his own potentially embarrassing searches. All of his search relate to his fear of dinosaurs as a consequence of Jurassic Park. The search "Utahraptor" may be a reference to Dinosaur Comics, which XKCD has parodied in comic 145.

The title text refers to a document posted on a humor site: link (part 1) link (part 2), link (part 3).

[edit] Transcript

Cueball: In solidarity with the many AOL users whose often embarrassing web searches were released to the public, I offer a sample of my own search history:
[There is a screencap of Google's front page with the following entries suggested for autocompletion in the search box:
site:imdb.com "jurassic park"
"home depot" deadbolts
security home improvement
surviving a raptor attack
robert bakker paleontologist
robert bakker "possible raptor sympathizer"
site:en.wikipedia.org surviving a raptor attack
learning from mistakes in jurassic park
big-game rifles
tire irons
treating raptor wounds
do raptors fear fire
how to make a molotov cocktail
do raptors fear death
can raptors pick locks
how to tell if my neighbors are raptors.]
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Here's a link to the somethingawful page mentioned in the title text (part 2, part 3). ‎ (talk) (please sign your comments with ~~~~)
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