2765: Escape Speed/Screen-shots

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  • Here is a collection of screen shots from the interactive comic 2765: Escape Speed representing interesting situations, which may or may not be described in the explanation.
    • It could be messages shown when collecting items, special places to see something different, or anything that might be interesting.
  • List them under the different locations also used in the table in the main explanation.

Starting Planet[edit]

  • Welcome messages:
  • 2765 "Greetings!":

2765 Greetings.png

  • 2765 "Welcome back, pilot.":

2765 Welcome back pilot.png

  • 2765 "Welcome back! We saved your progress.":

2765 Saved Progress.png

  • 2765 "Use the arrow keys, pilot.":

2765 Use arrow keys pilot.png

  • On mobile devices, the message says, "Tap the sides of your screen, pilot.", just before the browser brings the page image to full screen.


Hollow Planet[edit]

Star Destroyer[edit]

Click and Drag Planet[edit]

Subway Planet[edit]

Boston Planet[edit]

Projection of Earth[edit]

What If? Planet[edit]

  • 2765 Outside the center of the What If? Planet:

Outside center of what if planet.png

  • 2765 Inside the center of the What If? Planet:

2765 Inside center of what if planet.png


Round Planet[edit]

Jurassic Park Planet[edit]


Comet 67P[edit]

Guitar Ship[edit]


Roche Lobe Earth[edit]

Giant Spider[edit]

Dark Matter Planet[edit]

Shuttle Skeleton[edit]

Diffraction Spikes Star[edit]


Spacetime Soccer Field[edit]

Voyager 1[edit]

Voyager 2[edit]

Crystal Sphere[edit]

Crack in the Crystal Sphere[edit]

Open Space Outside the Crystal Sphere[edit]