630: Time Travel

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Time Travel
She also starts every letter with "Dear Future <your name>"
Title text: She also starts every letter with "Dear Future <your name>"


Megan prefaces her statements with "I've traveled here from the year 1983 [likely the year of her birth] to say this." The statement is (assuming 1983 to be her birthday or, at least, a year she lived during) perfectly valid, albeit not very meaningful and gives more emphasis on what she is about to say, only to say something quite anticlimactic and mundane.

Cueball notes this but still wishes that she would stop saying that as it is superfluous and captures more attention than her statement is actually worth. It would also get annoying to hear that same line repeated numerous times.

The title text continues this idea of Megan inserting another superfluous - although true - forwards to her letters, which would also likely become annoying.


Megan: I've traveled here from the year 1983 to say this:
Megan: Are there any bagels left?
[Cueball is eating something (possibly a bagel?).]
While it's technically true, I wish she'd stop prefacing every sentence with that.

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Dear Future Husband...better toast it right. Elvenivle (talk)

I believe Cueball is in fact eating a bagel. --Alexbuzzbee (talk) 04:16, 21 March 2016 (UTC)