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  • These are comics that contain one or more Euler diagrams.
    • They should not be confused with Venn diagrams although some of the comic titles refer to them as such.
  • Randall seems to have made mistakes, or maybe done this on purpose as indicated with the comic 2721: Euler Diagrams.
    • Apart from that comic where he mentions that he wishes to call all Euler diagrams for Venn diagrams he has also made the "mistake" two time before:
    • A Venn diagram shows all possible combinations of two or more sets, including those with no elements, and therefore all of the circles must intersect.
    • An Euler diagram only needs to depict the non-empty combinations, and therefore does not have this constraint.
      • Since all Venn diagrams are also Euler diagrams the Venn diagram category is a sub category of Euler diagrams.
      • But only those where the diagrams is not a Venn diagram or if Euler diagrams are also mentioned along with Venn diagrams, should the comics be included in both categories. (Like the three "mistakes" from above.)


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