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Welcome to the furry discussion page on explain xkcd. To start this off, I would like to counter a statement by a person who forgot to sign their name. "Within the furry fandom vore has it's own meaning that's neither a suffix nor a philia, sort of a convince the guardian spirit to take the being between you and the world thing literally thing. During the aversion fad time protecting the fandom's reputation and not mentioning the weird stuff was a big deal. Now that that is over, mentioning the weird stuff, particularly vore, is a furry in-joke." It is important to mention that while the furry fandom is strange, we must keep in mind that claims of sexual perversion in the fandom are false [1], and often go hand-in-hand with comments like this. I am not trying to shame the person who commented this, I am just fighting disinformation. Wikieditor431 (talk) 17:12, 2 February 2021 (UTC)Wikieditor431