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In comic 541 (TED Talk), Randall uses a Cueball character to refer to himself. How should this be included in the Wiki? Cited: AWiseGuy (talk) 21:50, 1 September 2012 (UTC)

Hrm... I would suppose it would be something along the lines of this "In comic 541, Randall uses Cueball to refer to himeself." (with all of the links and stuff). Which is pretty exactly much what you wrote. That's how I think it should be done.
But where to place it? Seeing as we have very little content as is, just put it at the bottom in the "main" part, and over time it'll fall into place as more content is added, probably.
That's my two [insert monetary value here]s.
greptalk04:10, 25 February 2014 (UTC)

Randall needs a proper introduction here. This article should be much more serious — based on the English Wiki.--Dgbrt (talk) 21:25, 25 February 2014 (UTC)

I think Randall would find no higher compliment than to have a wiki article about him full of "citation needed" tags :D --Alcatraz ii (talk) 02:05, 11 October 2014 (UTC)


I'm not suggesting we're at that point right now, but what is the goal for this article to be deemed "complete?" as a bio of living person is rarely going to ever be "complete".

This is the xkcd wiki, so I would argue that if there was going to be a thorough and complete Randall article anywhere, it would be here... so at very least it probably ought to be more thorough than his general wikipedia page... TheHYPO (talk) 15:24, 7 July 2014 (UTC)


Just wondering where Randall's picture went... -- 15:33, 23 December 2015 (UTC)

Quaker reference?[edit]

There is no reference for Munroe being a Quaker except a footnote in a joke comic. Additionally, engineering is an, um, /unusual/ career for a parent who is a Quaker. This is likely an attempt from Munroe to generate a case of citogenesis (,, as a small-scale Wikipedia prank. Djbrasier (talk) 17:05, 9 May 2018 (UTC)

It's true, and you got quoted in Slate! 16:04, 24 July 2022 (UTC)

Our Savior[edit]

At some point, someone changed the caption for the picture to say "Our Savior". Whoever you are, congratulations. You got a chuckle out of me. 15:56, 22 November 2021 (UTC)

Wondering if we should add What if? 2 as upcoming[edit]

The title says it all.-- 10:35, 7 September 2022 (UTC)

Absolutely! How about in place of that nag trying to get us to expand 1608: Hoverboard? 03:58, 9 September 2022 (UTC)

A couple of UK radio 'appearances'...[edit]

Might be worth a listing, on the proper page, but I leave it to someone else to work out how. Randall has featured in two (at least) BBC Radio 4 programmes ("programs", if you wish), in the last few days:

  • The Infinite Monkey Cage, a general science-explainer-with-comedy show, this episode being around the theme of how to use mathematics in interesting ways. A somewhat anarchic (loosely planned) stream of thoughts in the presence of an audience.
  • The Museum Of Curiosity, a comedy-interview/conversation show with a science bent. This is a more introverted casual conversation (no audience, but cross-talk) following its general template of first asking each guest a little about themselves and then asking them each to present 'something' as a talking point.

In both formats, Randall is one of a small panel of guests (and a pair of hosts, interestingly), and only directly contributes to about a third of each half-hour episode, but ends up talking about some of his work (especially about a lot of soup) in both. He's not the most talkative, in either case, but he holds his own and imparts his own wisdom sufficiently well. I haven't thoroughly searched yet to see if there were/will be more broadcasts with him in other BBC radio (or TV?) shows, while he was obviously at the forefront of the guest-bookers' thoughts; the obvious search seems to be too title-orientated to extract "...with guest" mentions.

At least for the time being (and perhaps subject to some geographic browsing restrictions) the two episode links that might be useful (at least as a jumping-off point) are here and here. The former is also a published podcast, so should be freely found in that sphere of downloadables. And then there's the whole BBC Sounds platform, if you can and do access that. And the usual schedual of repeat broadcasts will happen, within the week. TIMC on Thursday (9/Mar/2023) 16:00GMT on R4, TMOC on Sunday (12/Mar) shortly after noon, ditto. (Further future readers might be lucky with somewhere like R4Extra having either series, if not precise episode, finding an archive slot at some handy but so far indeterminate point in their own near-futures.)

...anyway, FYI, for anyone who finds this useful news, or a point of historic record.

It seemed that Randall had discovered Explain XKCD. ClassicalGames (talk) 09:36, 30 July 2023 (UTC)

What If adaptation[edit]

What If books now have an official ongoing adaptation on Youtube, should it be added? Channel info says it's Neptune studios making it, not Randall personally, but without his approval it wouldn't have happened and it's still his 09:05, 27 February 2024 (UTC)