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Hello! I made up this login without much thought .... not sure if I had another login on this email address ... so that I could say something on the discussion page for Strip 24, which I adore.

?,_Escher,_Kurt_Halsey ? [24:_Godel,_Escher,_Kurt_Halsey]

Anyway I have my copy of GEB from 1974(ish), it's very falling apart, and last time I opened up it went right to a crucial page in the middle that has the central portion of the explanation of the proof of Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem, where he states how to construct the specific paradoxical statement exemplifying the conclusion. So that was like magic!

But this is really a mystery. What could have been in the NSA talk, and how could a discussion of how human generations relate to each other not be central to the future of life on the planet Earth as dominated by human beings? In other words, now I think I disagree with the conclusion. Or the conclusion of the strip represents a collapsing of intellectual comprehension back to the physical aspect of human reproduction in particular (no, I don't have kids, right?)

I remember the Wikipedia guideline to "be bold", but I suspect I may have contributed material that's too speculative to the page for Strip 24.