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About myself:

I mainly do computers.
I'm really good* at them.
I do space-stuff sometimes too...
I used to be best at space-stuff, but I put more effort towards computers, 'cause it's more useful.
I like this comic very much.

What I do:

I spend most of my time doing computer related things. Often I try and start some projects. Some are successful, but a lot fail,
usually because I failed to realize the scale of what I was starting. Either way I usually learn quite a bit.
I worked a job for a bit and saved up more money than I knew what to do with, so I built a new computer. I mostly game on it, but
(theoretically) it can handle some decent video editing workloads... If I ever need to.
Otherwise I am usually managing files on it, mainly an over-complicated system of personal files that I somehow never get around to backing up...

For those (few) who care my PC Specs:

Ryzen 5 1600 (OC @ 3.6 ghz)
G.Skill Flare 2400 (OC @ 2666 mhz); 16 Gb
Asus ROG Strix GTX 1070

Why I am here:

I'm relatively new to this community. I started reading xkcd only a little while ago, after a friend showed me "What-If".I remember #1773 was the newest comic when I started... After a week of spamming the random comic button, I finally decided to read it from beginning to end. Half a (school) year later, I was done. I discovered this website when I was reading comic number ~200-ish, and have opened it hundreds of times since then. At one point, I started making minor, unimportant change. So I decided I'd better register. Here we are today.


*"Goodness" is measured by relative performance compared to my peers of equal age. Many of my peers are not proficient at computers, and even some of the best come to me for help. However, that does not put me anywhere near a 1337 hacker, pro IT guy, or brilliant programmer.