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Hi, I liked reading through your edit history, but you realise you were sort of talking to yourself, right? XD
To answer some of your questions/points:

  • I think "de-crapping" looks better
  • The filled each page with 50,000 "crap"s at first, but I think they changed to 5,000 at 00:53
  • I was also very "worried I might accidentally undo the most recent edit on a non-crapped page"
  • The admin who blocked the person was User:Davidy22, who hasn't been very active in years. He's currently cleaning up the invisible "crap" div tags that some people used as a stopgap
  • You would think you'd get auto-banned for doing too many edits, but actually I got autoconfirmed. Maybe that is part of the problem here...
  • And no, I don't think you were violating any "sort of etiquette", most of the rollback was done my people like you and me, even if an admin was able to do it a bit faster.

Also, thanks for helping :) Soulus (talk) 04:32, 4 May 2022 (UTC)