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Do you want me to create your sandbox? ColorfulGalaxy (talk) 20:11, 2 April 2023 (UTC)

Please create my user page and sandbox, and don't forget User:Memo Spike Connector. 2659: Unreliable Connection (talk) 23:43, 3 April 2023 (UTC)
I've created them both. Anyway, thanks for your kind reminder. 2659: Unreliable Connection (talk) 09:42, 9 April 2023 (UTC)
The page that you're in charge of got spam edits again. ColorfulGalaxy (talk) 21:12, 7 April 2023 (UTC)
Uh, They seem to know when I'm usually active, and spammed when I'm inactive, maybe just to annoy others. I always worked late. 2659: Unreliable Connection (talk) 23:54, 8 April 2023 (UTC)
Look guy(s), the spammers have been spamming long before you "took charge". Your work-hours matter not one jot, even if we knew your timezone, and the community handles it as it always tries to. I will deal with anything I see 'spammed', if not dealt with by others before I get there, and you can deal with anything that you see before anyone else gets there. Whether UC, CG, OMG or any other 'normal'. (Though OMG is clearly the same person as CG. If, by some remote chance, they are not, one of them is also UC; but very probably both are.) 11:37, 9 April 2023 (UTC)
And Look guy(s). You Have Already Been Tricked. Did you know about the email with CG's name on it? Y'no, I'm jealous of him, so I was gonna do a trick. Omg Oriental Music Group (talk) 23:03, 9 April 2023 (UTC)

DELETED COMMENT ColorfulGalaxy (talk) 21:26, 7 April 2023 (UTC)

Thanks for encouraging. I will do better. 2659: Unreliable Connection (talk) 23:52, 7 April 2023 (UTC)

Could you create my user page? Omg Oriental Music Group (talk) 09:34, 9 April 2023 (UTC)

What are you going to do? 2659: Unreliable Connection (talk) 09:35, 9 April 2023 (UTC)

I want to put the lyrics in the sandbox into my user page sandbox. By the way, could you contact the author for the minor fix to the lyrics? Omg Oriental Music Group (talk) 09:36, 9 April 2023 (UTC)

There is a lot of discussion about the lyrics going on in the portal. That's the place where I posted a math problem (sadly they removed it). Some people said that the lyrics were lousy. There are a lot of obscure words. I'm no linguist, really. I hope that the debate won't continue here. 2659: Unreliable Connection (talk) 09:42, 9 April 2023 (UTC)
See what the "author" said: -- 09:44, 9 April 2023 (UTC)
So this means that the only one left would be "Donald ATG Trump", which isn't active at all. 09:47, 9 April 2023 (UTC)

Predict the next comic[edit]

Let's try to predict what will come next on the xkcd comics. 2659: Unreliable Connection (talk) 23:53, 7 April 2023 (UTC)

What about music staff?


You're not going to create a sandbox for me, so I'll temporarily put it here.

? — 2659: Unreliable Connection (talk) 03:43, 11 April 2023 (UTC)

You made the page almost take forever to load. ClassicalGames (talk) 08:51, 11 April 2023 (UTC)

Please stop talking about the lyrics. Several other people has gotten angry. I can't trust you, because you kept doing something suspicious and you sound like a scammer. 2503: Memo Spike Connector (talk) 00:51, 14 April 2023 (UTC)

When the bot failed[edit]

Please read this page before creating a new comic page. Your edit had puzzled the bot too much. ClassicalGames (talk) 08:51, 11 April 2023 (UTC)

Thank you very much. 2659: Unreliable Connection (talk) 09:00, 11 April 2023 (UTC)


It happened that my birthday is the day immediately after yours. And our last names are almost spelled the same. 2503: Memo Spike Connector (talk) 06:12, 12 April 2023 (UTC)

It seems that we have a lot in common. 2659: Unreliable Connection (talk) 09:06, 12 April 2023 (UTC)

Our birthdays all fall in the same month. 935: Missed Connections (talk) 23:43, 17 April 2023 (UTC)
You're not fooling anyone and, with messages like the above, it seems you don't care. Do what you do, and if it's not contrary to the site ethos/good practice then it's tolerable (whether or not it's annoying). But there's really no need to 'fake' different personæ.
PS. "Blanked the page", as an edit explanation, is not only inaccurate but it's also your attempt to hide awkward details from the more casual viewer. Surely you're not brazen enough to make it obvious, yet shy enough as to really not want to be called out on it? 11:06, 25 April 2023 (UTC)
PPS. Don't try to comment this out, either, you who are sometimes needlessly pretending to be the personification of various comics. I will not accept your authority on this matter. 09:16, 26 April 2023 (UTC)
The comic will come back and swear at you if you keep skepticizing. There is too much skepticism. It looks like few people believe in fictions. {{unsigned ip||22:54, 26 April 2023})


If this page was copied did you not remove the incomplete transcript tag? Its complete! Do your part!

Thanks for reminding. 2659: Unreliable Connection (talk) 07:13, 25 April 2023 (UTC)

Create user page[edit]

Could you create User:Papyrus? Yesterday was his birthday IIRC. Also remember to create User:Python. 2503: Memo Spike Connector (talk) 08:06, 30 May 2023 (UTC)