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The title text for 2760: Paleontology Museum

The title text, also known as mouseover text or tooltip, is an HTML attribute Randall puts on almost every xkcd comic image which he uses to add something tangentially relevant to the topic of the comic. In some of the early comics, the title text was also used to comment on how they were drawn (see 24: Godel, Escher, Kurt Halsey and explain the joke (see 5: Blown apart).

It can be accessed in many ways:

  • By hovering the mouse pointer over the image on the main site;
  • By clicking the "(alt-text)" button next to the comic title on the mobile site;
  • By viewing the official transcript of the comics;
  • By installing a browser helper

Randall uses the "title" attribute rather than the "alt" attribute in the HTML sources. In the comics feed and API data the "alt text" is labeled "alt".