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I'm Apollo, not the greek god, the space program. Obvously Apollo 11 is my favorite. Did you know that if you wrapped a string around the world.....

.....that it'd probably take a lot of string.


A lot of people are putting things about themselves so I guess I will too. I like AJR, Raynes, Indie-Pop, and soft rock. I also love this one Album series called the EPIC Saga. I snowboard, skateboard, play chess, and astronomy (yes I'm using it as a verb, deal with it). I also blacksmith and spray paint (on canvas). I like John Green (I suppose his brother's books too), and Morgan Rhodes' series Falling Kingdoms. I'm currently down an organ, one of them staged a coup and had to be executed. Thats enough about me.

Political Beliefs

Lets start some consraversy (I suck at spelling)

These are my political beliefs, feel free to tell me yours.

Beret Guy is the best followed closley by Black Hat.

The 1000 comics are better than the 2000 comics

A hotdog is not a sandwich, it's a taco and ceral is not a soup, its a salad. (think about it, soup is where the ingredients are cooked so the nutrients are in the broth, will a salad is a when a fatty liquid is added to a combanation of ingredients).

Electrons are Yellow, Protons are Red and Nutrons are Blue

Ravenclaw is the best, their house colors are blue and BRONZE and their house animal is an eagle, I will fight you.

Two spaces belong after a period and comas can go before "and".

Uranus should be pronounced "oo-ran-us" or "or-run-us"

I am not fixing the spelling of conseraversy.

Also Peter Pan is evil.

Consperisy Theorys that are totally defenly 100% probably true

We have two moons but NASA is secretly hiding one, the one that we see IS actally made of cheese and they landed on the hidden one.

The attack on The Pentagon (origanally called The Square) was secretly planned by the government so they had an exuse to redisign it as a hexagon (cause hexagons are the bestagons), however the pilot missed and only hit one wall, so they only were able to remake that wall turning it into a pentagon.

The allegely 1000 year old honey in the pyramids is only 75 years old and was dropped by Winnie the Pooh on his vacation to Egypt.

Math is the governments way of controling us, they fill our brains with the ussless subject so we can't figure out their schemes. Why else would they teach us 5th degree polynomials???

The government allows the rumor that vaccines are how their implanting their mindcontrol chips in us because it pushes the spotlight away from their REAL method, Band-aids!!!

Randall is a time traveler and his comics are how he warns us of the future.

Help Needed

ALSO, please help with Backward in Time, its not complete and needs a lot of work, I'm working on it best I can but I also don't have that much time on my hands

Thanks and some advice

Also thank you to everyone who have fixed my spelling mistakes :)


Be nice, remember, if you're about to yell at someone for a lack of knowledge, dont. Kindly point them in the right direction, what if that is their "Green Day Moment"?

Dont vanilize, nobody thinks its funny, and its not funny to piss people off, thats called being a dick (or a sociopath take your pick).

Too anyone who's new, dont feel shy to edit, this comminuty is nice, brutally honest but nice!

Have fun ;)