43: Red Spiders 2

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Red Spiders 2
This was actually drawn years before Red Spiders
Title text: This was actually drawn years before Red Spiders

[edit] Explanation

This is the second-published comic in the red spiders story arc, published just over 2 months after the first one. Like its predecessor, it is more of a sketch than a comic. The titular spiders appear to be ascending —or possibly building— a structure.

According to the title text, it was drawn years before the previous Red Spiders.

The full series of Red spiders:

  • 8: Red spiders: the first one.
  • 43: Red Spiders 2: this one.
  • 47: Counter-Red Spiders: in which we see the beginnings of a counter-offensive against the attack.
  • 126: Red Spiders Cometh: in which we see the red spiders attacking a city.
  • 427: Bad Timing: in which the red spiders pounce on an unfortunate couple having a conversation about their relationship mid-hot air balloon ride, in a more typical xkcd style.

[edit] Transcript

[Red spiders, with round appendages at the end of each of their six legs, are seen navigating an environment of blocks and other geometric constructions. One spider appears to be holding a block down for another spider to climb onto to help it up, or they might be lifting the block together.]

[edit] Trivia

  • Randall has been quoted as saying "And lo, they still have six legs", and that "This is the original that inspired the other one. It's my favorite of the two."
  • This is the fortieth comic originally posted to livejournal. The previous was 38: Apple Jacks. The next was 39: Bowl.
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Do we have sources for the quotes from Randal? gijobarts (talk) 03:28, 29 January 2013 (UTC)
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